Thursday, March 15, 2012

preparing to fly

It must be a holdover from the days of pre-connectivity, this need to get all loose ends tied up before leaving on a trip. I am well aware that I will have ample airport time to complete assignments, yet I still find myself slave to the to-do list in the days leading up to departure.

Perhaps it's my new pen, which strikes things off so deliciously and with such finality. A good striking-off pen is irresistible to a list junkie.

I have not been to the wet coast since the fall, and am anxious to spend time with the OFKAR and with my coastal friends, to walk my adopted oceanside neighbourhood and cruise the plethora of record stores. There will be a solid contingent of like-minded souls meeting up for the Magnetic Fields concert on Sunday, for which I am highly chuffed. I am counting on my friends to prop me up should I swoon if they play All My Little Words or Born on a Train or The Book of Love.

I must remember to bring along my magnificent new striking-out pen to cross "Magnetic Fields concert" off my bucket list.

What are you doing this weekend?
What was the last concert you attended?


Anonymous said...

Oh, good for you, back to Vancouver.

We are hitting the art gallery district.

Allison said...

Visiting with you and the others, going concerting!


Safe travels and see you soon. :)

LesleyG said...

I am not doing much this weekend aside from recovering from the flu. Wheee, I do know how to live. But, last night I had a dream I went to Vancouver and when I woke up I immediately thought of people who, if I really went, would have to be there to help me get around. You were on the short list. :)
Have a great time!

pilgrimchick said...

I hate the pre-vacation to-do list, particularly as it relates to my profession.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Inevitably, those callbacks you were awaiting happen the day after you leave, don't you find, Pilgrimchick?