Tuesday, February 28, 2012

winter leakage

It's shaping up to be another music-mad summer.

The Calgary Folk Music Festival has been sneakily releasing their leak of the week on Mondays, giving us all a reason to make it through Sunday night. So far some of the 2012 artists include the Barr Brothers, Justin Townes Earle, Serena Ryder, and this week's leak - Beirut.

In further OMGOMG news, today Sled Island Music Festival leaked some of their confirmed acts, including Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks, Timber Timbre, Feist, and Thurston Moore.

I'm a firm believer in inherent patterns in nature and I like the way this one is shaping up: Lee Ranaldo last year, Thurston Moore this year... Kim Gordon next?

It's enough to make us want to lie on our patch of grass and dream of summer.


dguzman said...

I once planted some cat grass for my kittehs, and Niblet my bun ate it all. Mowed it right down to the dirt.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Your cat grass will never get unruly when you've got a Niblet looking after things, D. That wasn't meant to sound dirty.

Anonymous said...

When I saw your header and image on my blog roll I thought an oil spill but no it's SRK. I'm starting to have "stealing cat" thoughts...

Sean Wraight said...


I wanna see Beirut!

And just to show you just how exponentially cooler your town is compared to mine... They just announced the lineup for our big summer rock fest.

Boston and Steve Miller.

God save me now.


No really.

Pretty please?


Allison said...

What a great summer concert season it's going to be!

Beirut is playing here, but I think tickets are already sold out. They went on sale in December for July...seemed too far away to commit to.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The SRK has been known to cause the odd oil spill in her time, Vicomtesse, but not this time.

Oh lawd, Sean, I think the Wraight's need to plan a trip to the 2012 Cultural Capital of Canada this summer. Either that or we could send the Stampeders out to London to play you a few songs. Sweet city woman!

That's insane, selling tix a half year ahead of time? Who can plan that far in advance, Al. Although it was a great hint that Beirut would be coming to Calgary in July, so there's that.

John Mutford said...

That picture is hilarious.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Isn't she a goofball? And the most photogenic one in the family, John.

mister anchovy said...

I would love to see Justin Townes Earle!!!!