Saturday, February 04, 2012

she's your man

We have a winner!

Hats off to Mrs Ritchie, the enigmatic former brooding teenager, who sent in this suitably Cohenesque free verse composition rife with
post-post-coital anxiety and bearing the scars of Grace Slick channelling the metaphysics of Alice.


My lover has left me

In shadows, alone

The sky above is gray but salvation lies before me

I swallow it down, down, down falling through the rabbit hole

I see him, just a glimpse

wait, my love,



Take a bow, Mrs Ritchie! Your teenaged angst served you well, after all. Our friends at With a Bullet will be sending you a fresh new copy of Old Ideas. Embrace the darkness.


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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Indeed, Vicomtesse!