Tuesday, December 06, 2011

if I'm not here, I'm there

I'm having a bit of a breather this week, using the time away from deadlines to finally finish those Christmas cards that have been staring at me reproachfully. The Slightly Retarded Kitty enjoys knocking over the card boxes that are piled on the dining room table, but it's time to reclaim the space. I'll buy her some new catnip instead.

I worked my first unsupervised shift at Cantos on Sunday evening. All the locks and lights and alarm system procedures are not nearly as daunting when you actually start to use them. I didn't even burn the building down or anything.

I've got a few more shifts to work before Christmas, as well as a slew of appointments next week, before I start to power down for the holidays. The OFKAR comes home in less than two weeks and I am already anticipating days spent lounging on the chesterfield or gathered around the battlefield that the Christmas board game ritual always devolves into. That and a new pair of slippers will make the holidays perfect. And reading all the best of lists, of course!

Here's some stuff I've written lately, for your reading pleasure:

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What's been keeping you busy?


Allison said...

I'm busy counting down until holidays. Really need a change of pace.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh yes, holidays cannot get here quickly enough, Al.

mister anchovy said...

Knocking over card boxes is a time honoured tradition in the feline community!

John Mutford said...

Work. Work. Work. Me needs a vacation.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I believe they even have a special holiday set aside specifically for the practice, Mr Anchovy.

You're in the home stretch, John! Pop a couple of shortbread and go for the finish line!