Thursday, October 06, 2011

in love with your vision

Unlike many of my techie friends, I have never spouted an iboner over the latest Apple announcement. In fact, the only igadget I possess is an ipod. And that was a gift.

But I am still saddened that the world has lost a visionary like Steve Jobs. Thirty years ago, when the idea was inconceivable and bordering on a Jetsons' stoner fantasy, he foretold precisely what our lives would be like today. Without his vision, I am not sure I would have the ability to sit at my dining room table (or back yard, if the spirit moves me) and carry out my work. Or communicate with friends around the world. Or listen to an endless playlist. Or research any subject I could possibly imagine. Or watch cats dive into boxes.

The word has become terribly cliched and overused, but it's one that truly describes the impact that Steve Jobs has had upon the world. He was a game-changer.


Allison said...
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Allison said...

Kind of impossible to think of another head of a corporation inspiring this emotional reaction isn't?

Way too young.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Polite accolades, sure. Respectful tributes, of course. But this emotional outpouring certainly seems unprecedented, Al.