Monday, October 03, 2011

don't listen to the evil guidance counselor

If you could send a note back in time to your sixteen year old self, what would it say?

That was the question that Papermaps asked their fans recently. The resulting video for the song, Reunion, is a collaboration between band and fans, a montage of mostly fan-made clips answering that probing question. Irreverent, poignant, brave, and sweet, the answers do what every good party game should do - make you laugh and make you think.

Now it's your turn! What pearls of wisdom would you have for your sixteen year old self?

I have copies of Papermaps' new CD to give away to the first five people who leave a comment telling me what they would say in a note to their impressionable teenage being.

Who doesn't love getting shiny new music in the mail? (Actually even if you don't care to receive a copy, I'd still love to know what advice you would send back in time.)


Remi said...

When you find yourself in a big farm truck with some Hutterites near the Saskatchewan border and they offer you a place to stay for the night, take them up on the offer. Calgary can wait one more day. Also, quit school full time, sure. Playing with trains is fun and profitable and will allow you to wander all over the world. But follow through on the part time schooling because you can and should.

Allison said...

To steal directly from Cameron Crowe I'd tell my 16 year old self:

"The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you're uncool."

Also, beware of blueberries, and buy stock in Apple.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Wow! I would love to hear those stories behind those words of wisdom, Remi! Especially the one involving the Hutterite truck! I'm sure your teenage self would benefit from that advice.
If you email me your mailing address, a CD will wing its way to you post haste.

All wise words indeed, Al! Your young self likely never dreamed that those two fruits would have such vastly different impacts on your later life. Hard to believe you've ever been uncool though...
I shall deliver your CD in person!

John Mutford said...

Moustaches and mullets were never cool. said...

escape everything and just go to canada!!!

Remi said...

There could probably be a whole subsection of this centred solely around hairstyle choices. Forget skeletons in the closet. It's the hairstyles that will really scare you.

bloody awful poetry said...

I'm here for the free music. Because FREE MUSIC.

But I would tell my sixteen year old self to grow her hair out, walk straighter, look at herself in the mirror without shame, and most importantly, to not be afraid of Leo Tolstoy.

Also I really like that Cameron Crowe quite from Allison. It should be applicable throughout one's lifetime.

bloody awful poetry said...


Damn the typos.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You were obviously never a 70's porn star, John. You may have missed your calling.
But you didn't miss out on a CD. One coming your way, as soon as you send me your new address.

I'll bet there's a good story behind that impassioned statement, r.samilton. And good advice too, we've got great music here.
If you email me a mailing address, a brand spanking new CD will be heading your way.

You are eerily correct, Remi. What's particularly frightening is the resurgence of interest in 80's fashions. Have you SEEN my 80's hair? Yoiks.

Why do we all chop our hair off at 16, BAP? I think I got a boy cut around that age as well. You've gained a lot of wisdom in those admittedly few years since that age. Except Tolstoy still rather terrifies me...
New music flapping its way across the ocean to you!