Tuesday, September 13, 2011

up for air

The new laptop arrived yesterday, at exactly the same time that I started researching my next article. So I have been jostling my focus back and forth. Doing research feels like a familiar and comforting activity to balance the frustrations of new technology.

I am not in love with this new laptop, at least not yet. A lot of it is me, of course, as I struggle to install all the new software and transfer all that data. But the laptop is not completely blameless either. It has a truly annoying zoom feature located on the mouse pad, which zooms and shrinks the images and fonts on the desktop. It is far too sensitive and the page is forever jumping back and forth between sizes. I am constantly resetting it.

This computer is also considerably slower than I expected it to be. I expected web pages to open instantaneously, but I find I am waiting for quite a while, depending upon the page. Gmail takes ages, and don't even get me started on trying to install Skype. Okay, get me started. It took all afternoon, and six tries.

I finally plugged the laptop directly into the cable modem and the installation then took mere seconds. I'm not sure if the problem lies in the laptop's ethernet card or in the house's wireless modem.

I have a feeling I have some detective work in store for me.

Wasn't technology suppose to simplify our lives?


Allison said...

Remember how my Asus laptop wouldn't work at your house on the wireless? As soon as I got home it was fine. How strange.

You should be able to turn off that function with the zoom and mouse though. Mine did that when I first got it and it was one of the first things I got rid of.

I hope the rest of the tech woes settle out.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Funny, I located the option to turn off that zoom just before you commented! We're on the same wavelength, Al!
I certainly seem to be having connectivity issues this morning, but maybe that's because it's raining. gggrrrrr!!

John Mutford said...

Yeah, I'm never wild about the initial set up of technology. For me, a new techno-toy is more like a new pair of jeans than a new car. It takes me a while to get it worn in to a comfortable degree and that trumps the new car smell. Just as well really, since that probably prevents me from buying too many gadgets.

Remi said...

Touchpads do suck. I try to use a mouse with a laptop whenever possible.

Remi said...

I think I may be the only person who installed a wireless network at home just to have an internet radio in my bedroom. Nothing like late nights with the BBC. . .

Anonymous said...

technology is suppose to simplify our lives, but only if we allow it too. The problem is that we keep trying to do more and demand more of our technology. We constantly update our computers and phones to allow us to do more. Most of it is not based on need but rather want. You and I are of the age where we had no computer, cell phone,cable TV, microwave etc when we were kids. We got along fine, we played outside. I like technology, I enjoy my 42" HD TV and PVR, but do I need it? no. I notice so many people "checking their messages" numerous times a day. What could possibly be that important? I was recently in Vancouver (wasn't really Vancouver but we refer to the entire lower mainland as Vancouover) on a course and we went to the pub in the evening. I noticed a table with four people and everyone of them was either texting or looking at text messages.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm the same as you in that regard, John, except that I don't even like new car smell.

That's a fine fine reason to install wireless, Remi. I've got some fond memories of late night BBC from my youthful travelling days.

I think one of the reasons I refuse to carry a mobile phone is so that I can be morally superior to those infernal texters, Kelly. Frankly I would be happy if technology just stayed stagnant. Right after I get my personalized gyrocopter, that is.