Saturday, August 13, 2011

soundtrack to a zompocalypse

Bring on the zombie apocalypse. Not only has a recent facebook meme helped me comprise my zombie-slaying team - complete with sniper, heavy weapons and an idiot who survives - but I now have a soundtrack to my own personal zomcopalypse. Many props to the fabulous Bloody Awful Poetry for melding zombie-slaying with music.

You know how it works, put your itunes on shuffle and so on and so on.

First song: overall theme for the apocalypse
I'll Go Down - Brock Geiger
(hopefully not a premonition)

Second song: plays when you kill your first zombie
Lilac Breeze - Eels
(either an ironic choice or the name of the air freshener required to face that rotting corpse)

Third song: plays when you are being chased by a horde
Too Good for Reverb - Glowbug
(okay then, no reverb)

Fourth song: plays when you have to kill your loved one
Clumsy Seduction - Emma Hill
(yeah, likely the clumsiest seduction of all time)

Fifth song: plays when you find a group of survivors
Skeleton Jar - Youth Group

Sixth song: plays when you meet a new love interest
Standing in the Shower Thinking - Jane's Addiction
(definitely has possibilities)

Seventh song: plays when you have to make a final stand
On a Mission - Small Sins

Eighth song: plays when you think you've survived it all
The Brain of Purple Mountain - Leo Lotke
(time to get a little cocky)

Ninth song: plays when you discover a bite mark on you
Time to Get Ill - Beastie Boys
(drat, foiled!)

Tenth song: plays over the end credits
Kiss of Death - New Order
(perhaps this will not be a rom zom com after all)

Your turn!


Wandering Coyote said...

This is way to esoteric for me...

bloody awful poetry said...

True props goes to the random Livejournaller I snagged this from. And your itunes isn't too shabby either! I particularly like the Beastie Boys pick. Also, there are many songs here I have not heard, and I shall go check them out. New music, always a bonus.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

But it's a fun diversion, WC! And I bet you have some great zombie apocalypse songs in your collection.

There is always time for new music, BAP, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Thanks for bringing the fun!