Wednesday, August 31, 2011

loosing the offspring back upon the world

There's a stack of suitcases in the hall. These past few days the Resident Offspring has been steadily filling them and now they sit, a silent reminder that our days of being a three-person/one slightly retarded kitty household are once again drawing to a close. This has been the shortest four months in the history of time.

Tomorrow we haul these bags, containing the remnants of the summer, onto the plane and we head to the coast.

It's going to be harder than ever to say goodbye this fall, to lay the reminders of those long languid days between sheets of tissue paper and carefully press them into memory. It was a great summer. The Resident Offspring came home every night from her job at the thrift store with whimsical tales of bat-shit crazy customers and sassy coworkers. There were leisurely dinners on the patio, long evenings on the front porch, late nights on the chesterfield with laptops ablaze. There were coffee dates and shopping expeditions, farmers' markets and movie matinees, folk festivals and house concerts. Recipes were shared, as were opinions on the relative merits of being a kitty or an otter, and speculations as to which reality show celebrity would fare best in a slappy fight.

It will be fun to be back in Vancouver. It's always wonderful to spend time in the place I consider my second home, to reconnect with old friends over meals and wanderings. And of course I am highly curious to see the Offspring's new living arrangements. A townhouse on campus seems to offer the best possible combination of convenience and autonomy. I'm looking forward to stories of life with flatmates and cautionary tales involving meal preparations.

But of course the house will be ever so silent when the Spousal Unit and I drag our half-empty suitcases back home next week. The Slightly Retarded Kitty and the Skype machine will no doubt receive far more attention than either have anticipated.


Allison said...

Re: The old suitcase picture.

I love old suitcases, and collect them, but I would never consider traveling without wheels on my luggage.

Tangent aside, just think of how fast the summer went, and before you know it'll be Thanksgiving and the RO will be back. Can't wait to hear all the details on the new digs.

See you Saturday!!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

What did we do before wheeled suitcases, Al? My shoulder aches now whenever I look at the bag that I lugged throughout Europe.
Sadly, the RO is not coming home for Thanksgiving, but at least I will be back out there a few days later!


Safe journey wetwards (or is it drier out there then here at the moment?)

It was a fabulous summer! We've been so spoiled by the fabulous weather! And before you know it, it will be time to head out there for Fall!

Talk to you when you get back!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's supposed to be lovely there all weekend, UB. As an act of faith I am bringing no raincoat and only sandals. Which of course means it will pour the entire time.
Coffee date when I get back?

Anonymous said...

Back to Vancouver, sounds like film title. I'd watch it. Love that city.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'd watch that too, Leazwell! I'll keep an eye peeled to see if they are filming anything like that, and I shall say hi to Vancouver for you.

~Jen~ said...

;o( I wonder how I will post when Ayla leaves me......sighhh...I will probably go on prozac haha

Barbara Bruederlin said...

We should go on a tropical holiday together then, Jen. Doing shooters off the cabana boys' abs will make you forget all about what's her name?