Sunday, August 07, 2011

creeping nostalgia

The Resident Offspring gave her two weeks' notice yesterday, putting another piece of kindling on the smoldering mawkishness I have been feeling lately. Despite truly enjoying her summer job and her coworkers this year, she is itching to return to her real life at university, and that's the way it should be. But it does little to stop me from trying to grasp every last moment with her.

Skype is great, but can't compare to lounging together on the chesterfield watching reruns of Parks and Recreation.

Already dusk is coming on earlier in the evenings; the first yellow leaves are starting to drift down from the trees, where they lie as small tokens of inevitability on the grass. Perhaps it's a residual reaction to the long hard winter we suffered through this past year or the non-existent spring, but this summer seems to be passing before it really even gets started. I have always loved autumn, but I am not ready yet to entertain the thought of it, let alone the reality.

The only way to battle this premature nostalgia is to throw a party. A house concert party.

How timely then that Olenka and the Autumn Lovers will be playing at casa del Zombie next Sunday, the only house concert on their summer tour of the western half of the nation. With the full band representing and with an early evening backyard concert in the works, we're going to rock the hood.

I already have way too much food prepared. You should join us.

what: Olenka and the Autumn Lovers backyard concert
when: Sunday August 14, doors 5:30, music 6:30
where: my house (contact me for details)
cost: $10 suggested band donation

See you there?


Wandering Coyote said...

Oh how I'd love to attend you house concert party! know the situation. But I'm sooooooo looking forward to seeing you in October!

Allison said...

The only think creepier than that picture are the pant planters in my parents yard.

Feeling the same way here today, the Boy leaves tonight and won't get to see him until October now.
Don't even have a house concert to console myself with. Thanks for rubbing that in. ;)

Be sure to take videos like you did last year!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

October is going to be great, WC! I can't wait!

I have to agree, Al and I am glad you got the double meaning of the title.
That's a long time till you see the Boy! I guess we will both be Skype widows for a while.
Thanks for the reminder. I need to find a videographer.

Karen said...

Once again I cannot make it to one of your fabulous events :( Crap on a cracker.

Loved this line: "where they lie as small tokens of inevitability on the grass". So beautiful.

Is the summer over already? Seems like just yesterday the RO was returning from the coast and starting her new job. Le sigh.

mister anchovy said...

two things.
1. Summer is not over. Please stop that nonsense immediately.
2. I think Calgarians attending the casa Zombie house concert are in for a treat.

make that 3 things. blogger is not allowing me to post as 27th street today. grrrr.

L said...

Why don't we live closer?

Also not ready for fall.

Westcoast Walker said...

Hey Barb

I am in full autumnal denial, so shhhh! I'm gonna soak up the next few weeks of summer like there's no tomorrow!

A house concert sounds like a perfect diversion under the circumstances - I hope this late summer celebration fills your neighbourhod with joyful sounds.

My oldest is going into grade 5 and I'll get mildly weepy in September - off to college is totally incomprehensible at this moment.

Verification Word = "criest" as they said in aniquity, one doth criest when thy offspring departs from the fold.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It WAS just yesterday that the RO returned home for the summer, Karen! There's some sort of weird time warp going on.

You are right, Mr Anchovy, summer is not yet over. I swear to remember this and to squeeze every last drop of open windowed goodness of out the season.

Why don't we indeed, Lesley? It would be so much fun if you could join us.

The neighbourhood has been invited/forewarned, Matthew. Hopefully the festivities will provide enough diversion that we forget that it's already August. Perhaps you need to plan a house concert for the beginning of school, to help dry those tears.

John Mutford said...

I put out an open invitation to your house in the Calgary Herald and the Calgary Sun. I hope you have enough Pigs in a Blanket to go around.

Unfortunately those tens of thousands of people will have to take my place. I want to be there so bad, but at least my minions will inflict almost as much damage.

bloody awful poetry said...

Ah, back to school timez. And house concert this weekend! Can't wait for the pictures and videos, and then I can be properly jealous. Seriously. Why are you so far away?

umbrellalady said...

The problem with summer is that it is just too darn short! Another month would be divine...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Well done on rounding up in the minions, John. You will be well and truly represented. I just hope some of them bring incriminating photos of themselves riding mechanical bulls. That alone will be worth the extra cost of pigs in blankets.

I keep meaning to get the bugs worked out of that teleportation device, BAP, but first I have to finish building this garden bench. Thanks for the reminder that I have to arrange for photo/video.

I'd be happy with another month of summer, Kathy, happier with two, overjoyed with three.