Saturday, June 25, 2011

exit music (for a weekend)

I was rather bummed at myself for missing Lee Ranaldo's workshop at Cantos yesterday, so to fill the void, I blasted Sonic Youth during the trek to the far flung reaches of the city's northwest. The birthday party we attended turned into a hoe-down that rollicked into the wee hours, the Spousal Unit providing harmonic(a) accompaniment for the legit musicians.

Details will follow.

Today is official Sled Island day here at Zombie Central. The four-day wristbands being slightly beyond our budgets, the Resident Offspring and I opted for one-day passes to the outdoor main stage at Olympic Plaza. In true hipster fashion, we will show up stylishly late, foregoing the first two acts in favour of a more leisurely morning of coffee and pyjamas.

We are planning to rendezvous with our blipster buddies somewhere down on the festival grounds, where we will proceed to take in the musical stylings of Twin Shadow, the Raveonettes (please play Love Gang!), Chad VanGaalen (to be introduced by Mayor Nenshi), Minus the Bear, the Dandy Warhols (who, I presume, are still bohemian like me), and the always fabulous and sparkly Of Montreal.

I am planning to rely upon Environment Canada who promise no rain until after midnight, rather than the Weather Network who warn of evening thunder showers. However, with this year's elimination of the beer garden in favour of libations being allowed throughout the festival grounds, perhaps we won't even notice.

Details will follow.

Tomorrow will be a day dedicated to reminiscences and to strategizing my approach to the workshop lineup at the Calgary Folk Festival.

Details will follow.

What's on your musical agenda this weekend?


Vol-E said...

Hooray for summer festivals. And True Hipsters!

Allison said...

Hope you guys have an awesome time! Look forward to hearing all about it. :)

Dale said...

Sounds like your boyfriends are gonna put out! Loves your labels, your post title, and oh, your post! Happy attending!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I live for summer festivals, Vol-E. This years' hipster uniform heavily favours manpris, it seems. And the boot/miniskirt combo is back.

It was fabulous, descending into wildness, Al. Great to get together with Susan and Jeff again!

My boyfriends are pretty reliable in the putting out department, Dale. I am blessed.

wtfisaywtf said...

can i just say that i love the title of this blogpost?

i will soon recognize the joys of summer festivals now that we're moving to Bellingham in the next few days. Vancouver will be a jaunty trip up the freeway at 100 km/hr, which seems much faster than 60 miles/hr through Blaine.

we have many things to give you that we've been saving up through the years because we're terrible friends and hosts. i'm just hoping that enough pinot noir will liquor your asses up enough to forget Luigi's.

luv, that michelle chik & GOB

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hey Mish! So lovely to hear your dulcet digital tones again!
I am very chuffed that you are moving up to Bellingham (which Jen told me you were planning). Why, that's practically Surrey! This will make getting together so much easier! Can't wait!