Sunday, April 24, 2011

just sun and bread

Aqua Bunny now sports a large purple bow tie, but still holds court in the corner of the kitchen window sill, near the coffee maker. He's a fixture in the house, one of those geegaws that insinuate themselves into permanence for no particular reason besides longevity. But I have always loved this retrospective of Aqua Bunny that the OFKAR produced a few years ago.

She has an artist's eye.

Easter celebrations have been postponed until next weekend here at casa del zombie, when the OFKAR returns home for the summer and resumes the moniker of Resident Offspring for four months. Finding a post-Easter turkey could be challenging, but I fully expect a glut of sales priced chocolate eggs on the market.

I am heading off to the coast on Thursday to help the OFKAR drag a few 700 lb suitcases home on the plane. It will be a bit of a whirlwind trip, but I will manage to squeeze in a wee bit of visiting with friends. I hope there will be some cherry blossoms left for me.

The Spousal Unit and I will not be ignoring Chocolate Zombie Jesus day entirely today. We do have plans to eat a baby animal, after all. I will be attempting to braise some lamb shanks, which all the recipe books tout as a wonderful way to cook a cheap cut of meat. Except that lamb shanks are, in actuality, shockingly expensive for a cheap cut of meat. I guess outfitting all those little lambs with wheelchairs gets costly.

Do you have a traditional Easter/Passover meal?


Allison said...

I ate veggie stew, and had no chocolate.

Never really big on Easter growing up, or now as an adult. I'll take the long weekend though!

L said...

We used to have a more traditional meal, but now we just have fun with it. Yesterday was brunch followed by birthday cake. (For my mother, though I did consider making a joke about it being a rebirthday cake. Resurrection cake? Never mind. I'll stick to my day job.)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I've always rather enjoyed hiding candy around the house (and yard, weather permitting), Al, but it never failed that I always wrote an exam on Easter Monday while in university.

Rebirthday cake makes an excellent replacement for hot cross buns, Lesley. Plus there is always room for chocolate eggs.

Anonymous said...

easter meal this year ham, potato salad, green beans and lemon meringue and blueberry pies. I don't know if we ever have same thing twice

John Mutford said...

Off topic but did you hear Poly Styrene died today?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Lemon meringue pie! I have had such a lust for lemon lately, it's not even funny, Kelly. I think I have scurvy.

I did, John, very sad. I actually thought of you and Debbie when I heard the sad news.