Saturday, March 26, 2011

the voices I've deflected

Last year at Earth Hour, I walked the beach at English Bay with friends. As we stopped to shake the sand out of our flip flops, we were somewhat disappointed to notice very little difference in the lights gleaming from the Vancouver skyline. You would think in Vancouver, of all places, the lights would be all but extinguished to observe Earth Hour.

Circumstances are a little different this year. The polar opposite, actually. I am at home in one of the areas of the country that has been absolutely battered by the bitchiness of La Nina. When I was shoveling the walk this afternoon, I stopped, out of curiosity, to measure the height of the snowbanks lining the walkway. Past my waist. And it continues to snow. Eight days straight, I think this has been.

For Earth Hour this evening, the Spousal Unit and I are going to light candles, turn off the lights (and this laptop), and break out the Parcheesi game. I am making a slight concession, in that I have agreed to leave on the television, so that the Spousal Unit can watch the Flames lose.

Above all, we will not look out the windows.

Are you doing anything to observe Earth Hour?


Ruhee said...

EXCEPT WE WON! Improbably, and almost impossibly. (I almost turned the television off after the score was 4-1 Oilers, but figured I might as well stick it out.)

Earth Hour in university was a lovely time where everyone would turn off all the residence lights and we'd gather in one common room, playing music on battery speakers and hanging out. The more people you have together, the more it transforms the night, I think.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

A completely unexpected result to the game, Ruhee!
University Earth Hour does sound transformative. A surprising upside to all this snow we have is that the reflection of the street lights upon it lit up the rooms of our house quite nicely.

umbrellalady said...

We invited friends over and drank some lovely raspberry/saskatoon chardonnay and tea wines; ate foccaccia, smoked fish and smoked cheese by candlelight. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

When we put on a low watt light later to look at a couple pictures, it was amazing how we all felt like a glaring light had been turned on.

Wandering Coyote said...

Blogger must have been down last night during EH because I couldn't comment last night.

I cuddled with Juno in the candlelight and listened to the new Within Temptation album on my MP3 player. It was great!

Allison said...

Your blog is back!

Earth hour wasn't as lovely as last year, no walks on the beach here. Just reading by candlelight. I observed it at the wrong hour I think. Oh well.

Dale said...

I went to bed and read by the light of my iPad. And then I got up and turned on every light in the house. Okay, I did get up but only required the glare of the tv.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That sounds like a perfect evening, Kathy! You certainly got into the spirit of it.
When we eventually turned some lights back on, they did seem awfully bright.

That sounds positively idyllic, WC! I'll bet Juno enjoyed it too. I am glad Ramona was napping during EH because cats and candles are a bad mix.

It does sound terribly romantic, Al. Reading, alas, is the one thing I can't do by candlelight, unless the book is written in bold 25 point font.

How do you like reading by ipad, Dale? Is it better than reading on a regular computer screen?