Tuesday, March 01, 2011

guess which word

March is going to be a very long month. We've already been warned to expect below seasonal temperatures for the entire duration. In the battle of lions and lambs, the lambs are already butchered, wrapped up in brown paper, and their carcasses placed in the freezer.

What better time to break with tradition and commit myself to NaBloPoMo for a second time in the past year? I generally only participate during November, the month traditionally given over extreme writing, but since it appears that we are in for another three months of winter anyway, I submit to you that March is the new November.

The theme for NaBloPoMo this month is "In a Word", which, if you know me, know that is next to impossible. I don't generally get started until about 800 words, or I say nothing at all. However, since In a Word is not meant to be taken literally, I believe I can pull this off.

Over the next month, I plan to clear that pile of CDs that are sitting on my desk awaiting review, so expect to hear about a lot of new music. I'm also behind on my book reviews, and with several concerts and plays happening this month, there were be a few words about those as well.

I may even throw in the odd one word post, just for relief.

Care to join me in NaBloPoMoing?


John Mutford said...

The bad news is I probably can't join you in NaBloPoMo this month, as I'll be on March break for some of that-- but the good news is some of that will be spent at Casa de Zombie. We'll play Guess What Plastic Surgery I've Had Since Last We Met. Or Parcheesi.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Let's go crazy and combine the two games, John. Every time you land on somebody else's player, they not only get sent back to the start, but they have to fess up to their latest nip and tuck.

Anonymous said...

I try to post something every day, but but I'm not much of a joiner.

Wandering Coyote said...

March is coming in like a lion here, too, only with a ton of snow, not necessarily cold temps. I honestly don't know what is worse at this point. At least I'll get a dose of Vancouver next week - I just hope the roads are drivable. UGH!!!!

Allison said...

March isn't coming in any warmer here, sadly.

Please take notes and report back to us on how the Guess What Plastic Surgery/Parcheesi went. Inquiring minds and all. ;)

Sean Wraight said...

As much as I would love to join NoBloNoMo my shoveling must take precedence this time. That and sorting my sweater vests... I do look forward to your output though. I shall add input accordingly and even offer a few suggestions for topics if needed.

Word Verification - barib

The name of that new rib joint you are opening up in your home.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You are very good at regular posting, Mr Anchovy, which I really appreciate. I'm not a joiner either but there are no meetings to attend with NaBloPoMo.

It'll be great to get away to Vancouver at this time, WC. Tulips were starting to bloom a couple of weeks ago!

I am so going to take incriminating photos of John's tucks, Al! Stay tuned.
Sorry to hear your spring is not up to par, hopefully the tulips survived the storm.

Well, I guess you are off the hook, Sean. Wouldn't want you to get kicked out of the neighbourhood for slovenly shoveling.
Barib. That'd be a lamb rib joint, I assume.

Anonymous said...

I'm doing it, don't know why. There will be some very short posts.

Vol-E said...

I have every intention of kicking the lion AND the lamb out of my way and going out like a lobster this month. Not getting sunburned or broiled in butter or anything ... I've just decided that the lobster is my new totem. This was inspired by the little lobster icon on Gmail, if you've ever seen it. You can't be entirely down when you've got lobster. Lobster means you've got class, you've got style, and you're just tough enough to endure winter in the Maritimes and reap the reward of the not-too-hot summers. Or at the very least, you've got kinship with the B-52s. You'll get summer, I promise. :D PS: The "captcha" word for this comment is "solariti."

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Huzzah! Glad you are joining me, Leazwell! I shall read all your posts.

Vol-E Lobster does have a certain cache. Sounds like some sort of extreme sport with really good snacks.