Sunday, March 13, 2011

always throwing hack weight

The last time they did it was in 1999, but tonight Jeff Stoughton's rink delighted all of us expat Manitobans (and doubtless those still in residence) by winning the Brier.

I am inordinately proud that they curl out of the Charleswood Curling Rink, right next door to my old high school, the place where I learned to curl (very badly) and where I used to sometimes go for coffee instead of math class.

Hurray hard, Manitoba!


L said...

I am so fascinated by curling. I would love to see it at that level!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The Brier was in Calgary last year, Lesley, so the Spousal Unit and I got to see a match. You should have joined us, I would totally have bought you a beer and some popcorn.

Allison said...

I wish I could get into curling, but its like football, I just don't understand it.

Perhaps it'd be different in person.

Karen said...

I didn't watch a single stone being thrown this year. Just too much else going on. Congrats to Manitoba though! Woooot!

And yay on the new address :)

Anonymous said...

I've only curled a couple times but I really loved it each time. It's a strangely compelling activity.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I find that it's like baseball meets crokinole, Al. It has the nice leisurely pace of baseball (you can go to the kitchen to fix a snack and not miss a thing), with the strategy of crokinole, sweeping replacing the finger-flicking.

You know you're busy when you don't have time to watch the Brier, Karen!
I'm right pleased with the new blog address, thanks so much for inspiring me.

I love the strategy, the pace, the camaraderie of it all, Mr Anchovy. I don't even mind the cowbells.

Anonymous said...

you'd think as a Regina boy that I'd be excited about curling...not so much

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Shame on you, . You will never get the keys to the city with that attitude.