Friday, February 18, 2011

YVR tulips for YYC snowbanks

After last night's wild hail storm, complete with thunder and lightning, it was a little surreal to not only awaken to brilliant blue skies this morning, but to also spot dozens of tiny purple tulips blooming in Kitsilano front yards as we walked past this afternoon, many of them inches away from residual hail reservoirs.

Aa I await my boarding call, I am more than a little sad to be leaving behind these uncharacteristically blue Vancouver skies for the cold freeze that is griping Calgary. But at least I'm not trying to get to Winnipeg.

It was a grand mini-break. There was coffee and cake and costume shop browsing with Mel, dinner and coffee chats and hail storm dodging with Al. There was much walking up and down hills under the rainbow flags of Davie Street, there was exploring the record stores and thrift shops of Main Street.

Sadly, we did not see Our Lady of the Chinese Sitcoms at McIntosh's Grocery during this trip, nor her perpetually awesome son, but we did make our acquaintance with Mr. Our Lady as we stopped in to buy milk, and he seemed very nice too. I suspect the entire Our Lady family is lovely. They are certainly the cornerstones (quite literally) of Davie and Thurlow.

See you in a couple of months, Vancouver. Don't forget me.


Dr. Monkey said...

I wondered where you had gotten off to.

Allison said...

That freak hail/snowstorm was so bizarre last night. I was excited about the lightening though. :) Plus it was grand to wake up today to sun and not a migraine. C'mon spring!

Miss you already. I am looking forward to your next visit in April!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I quick mini-break to see the Offspring, Dr M, but I like to think you were with me in spirit.

I miss you already too, Al! Can't wait for April. And let's hope that the migraine-free sunshine will continue unabated!

Dale said...

Who could forget you Bonnie?! I mean Barbara. :-) Sounds like fun.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Nice recovery, Dave ... errr Dale!