Saturday, December 11, 2010

my absolutes

- buy the opener's CD
- pay the busker

- apologize or explain
- turn down dessert

What are your absolutes?


Toccata said...

Damn, it looks as though Mr. Blogger ate my comment. My list was too boring to bother rewriting.

Stephanie said...

I never used to, but now I'm turning down dessert all over the place. I do highly agree about buying the opener's CD though - it's turned out well so far :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you for buying the opener's CD.

Anonymous said...

OK, I never turn down dessert either.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I will just have to make stuff up about you then, Toccata.

Kudos to you on your willpower, Stephanie. I am rarely offered dessert, so I don't dare turn it down for fear I'll have to wait a year to the next time.

I've been pleasantly surprised so many times, using that strategy, Mr Anchovy - the CD buying part, that is.

Allison said...

Always: Have tea with milk.

Avoid cats and perfume. For they are my kryptonite.

Never: Say no when someone offers you vodka. Unless, its 4 glasses in.

p.s. with you on your absolutes too!

Sean Wraight said...
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Sean Wraight said...

Always: Change the milk bag when there is even a little bit left in the bottom.

Never: Travel far without a little Big Star.

Words to live by my friend!


L said...

Always: Listen more than you talk; Go outside if it's a sunny day; Play with the dog even if you're tired.

Never: Apologize for eating dessert; Believe people have enough time to think about your faults; Get completely comfortable.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Had I known about your never, I would not have waited until Day 4 of BlogCon to break out the vodka, Al. Next time, I bring a bottle to the airport.

Particularly the never, Sean. We don't have milk bags in Alberta, a fact which confounded me no end when we first moved here, so that frees you up for a new always next time you are here.

I assume you are not just referring the the wearing of sweat pants with that last point, Lesley.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the dessert part although I am trying to have less of it.

I will sometimes apologize and/or explain. I realize that I am not always right and sometimes I open my mouth a bit to quick.

I don't seem to have many absolutes in life. I am so wishy-washy

Anonymous said...

Avoid goat cheese.