Saturday, October 09, 2010

and a small handful of days that I do

walking Seattle
never sure if you're sweaty
or if it's just rain

The room service napkin and salt shaker that were sitting outside our door when we checked in 24 hours ago are still there. I think this hotel has slipped a notch in the Michelin handbook since we stayed here a couple of years ago.

It's still in a great location, though, as is evidenced by our ability to walk home from the Brazilian Rodizio last night, bellies groaning with a sinful amount and variety of grilled meats, and still going for a stroll throughout the grounds of Seattle Center before retiring for the evening. The three raccoons with whom we locked eyeballs, until they lost interest in us and climbed into the upper reaches of the leaves, were a very nice touch. Thank you for arranging that, Seattle.

Mary Ann, my new best friend at Macy's who alerted me to the fact that, as an Albertan, I don't have to pay the 9% state tax, sold me some seriously underpriced jeans today to replace my favourite pair which are about to blow a hole in the crotchal area. Good luck with the cataract surgery on Monday, Mary Ann!

Honestly, Americans know how to do customer service right.

Tonight we are heading back out into the rain to see Eels at the Moore Theatre. I am very excited to meet up with my BLIP/facebook friend Anjo and her concert date at the show. According to the event notice I received last night, there will be two openers, the first of which is a ventriloquist.

I have no idea what to make of this piece of information.

But I do know that I am uber-excited to see Eels. I care not one hoot whether it's the aching romantic Mr E or the garage rocker Mr E who shows up to play tonight. I'm just happy to be there.


Anonymous said...

which hotel is it for when we head to Seattle?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's the Best Western on Taylor N, Kelly. Super location; you can walk everywhere.
And they picked up the napkin and salt shaker now too!

Allison said...

We found that last time we were in WA too! Woo hoo no sales tax!

Can't wait to hear about the Eels concert. :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Sadly the no tax rule doesn't apply to hotels though, Al. So one feels the need to buy more stuff to take advantage.