Sunday, October 24, 2010

only an expert can deal with the problem

I can't believe I used to think it was a longish walk. But after two two-hour walks on two consecutive days, it now feels like I am barely getting started by the time I get to the store. This is what happens when you walk with Steve.

Steve is my new iGadget, thoughtfully filled with over 15,000 tracks, hand-picked by the most generous and knowledgeable music geek I know. I find myself smiling often when a track starts to play that I know is a nod, a message, a good-natured wink. I like that Steve is on Eastern time, because it suits his personality.

I always listen to music, but there is something entirely different about listening to music while walking. It's what my friend has been trying to tell me for years. There is something about striding along, arms in motion, in the open air, that frees your mind of the constraints of the day. Something about matching your pace to the rhythm in your ears that sparks the neurons. And it's entirely different from blasting music while on the elliptical or on the stationary bike, so it's not just the increased blood flow to your muscles that is responsible for setting your mind on fire, although that certainly factors into it.

The is something infinitely liberating about adjusting your pace to the pace of the music, without concerns that you are pushing your body too hard, or not hard enough. The journey itself is the reward, not the fact that you have completed your x minutes in the basement torture chamber and have burned x number of calories or logged x miles.

How perfect that I was just talking about finally succumbing to peer pressure and getting myself an iGadget, mere hours before my dear friend presented me with Steve. I'm just not sure he realized that, in the process, he may have been creating a monster.

What do you think about when you walk?
Do you use an iGagdet?


Allison said...

Nothing beats walking listening to your mp3 player. I'm so glad you've entered the 21st century - swinging arms like satellites.

L said...

I have been listening to music a lot lately on my runs, and it has been a great thing for me. It's surprising because I used to be so much of a purist while running, but pfffft, that's for naive kids. Rock, err walk, on! :)


Anonymous said...

Although I listen to lots of music but I don't like to plug things in my ears, so I hardly ever use an mp3 player, and when I do use one, I dock it.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Swinging like satellites, they certainly are, Al. At least on the way there. On the way back they swing like satellites with groceries.

I've always needed music blasting during exercise, Lesley, as a distraction from the pain and boredom, but then I have never been accused of being a purist. Do you use particular music for your run?

I'm not a huge fan of putting things in my ears either, Mr Anchovy, and I am playing with different sizes of ear buds right now. I may yet go back to my old-school external headphones, even though they sound like crap.

BeckEye said...

What's an iGadget? Is that the actual name? My knowledge of that stuff stops at the iPod, which I have, but it only holds, like, 600 I definitely need something new.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's an iPod, actually, Beckeye, but there seems to be such a plethora of these devices now that I can't keep up with what is what. So I thought they needed a more all-encompassing name.

Wandering Coyote said...

Damn skippy I have...well, an iGadget-like gadget. I take it EVERYWHERE, too: gym, bus, walks, though hiking in the woods all plugged in isn't recommended in these parts. So glad you are enjoying Steve so much! I told you it would change your life!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hiking in the woods all plugged in would be a true test of Steve's uncanny ability, WC. Let's see how he stands up to cougars.
Yeah, dealing with traffic is challenging enough.