Tuesday, October 19, 2010

cult of the red pestos

The Slightly Retarded Kitty is wandering around the house meowing, looking for the blog conventioneers to whom she was finally warming up. Perhaps she is not so dim after all.

I had my own share of difficulties in transitioning from a houseful of warm, clever, affectionate friends to the silence of rooms looming with stripped mattresses. It's not as painful as I had feared, though, probably because I am still aglow with the tangible love of those few days, my mind still sorting through the memories that I will tuck away into the recesses of my heart. My body has a strange filing system, it seems.

There was that moment leaving the airport yesterday when I must have gotten something in my eye, a midge perhaps, and I admit I am feeling somewhat deprived of bone-crushing hugs today, but knowing that this Blog Convention test drive was an overwhelming success is helping me focus on the joy that it happened rather than the sense of loss now that it is over. Because there will most certainly be a BlogCon next year. I admit I have a tendency for hyperbole on occasion, but trust me when I say that this was the most fulfilling, invigorating, life-affirming experience that I have had in decades.

And it's not the sort of weekend that I can sum up in a single blog post or even in a series of posts. It was simultaneously the shortest and the fullest weekend I can recall, and I am still trying to process it all. It is difficult to explain magic, and I am not sure that I will ever fully be able to, but I know that I am a better person for it.

I think it's rather telling that, not only did I not blog a single time during this Blog Convention, but I barely touched my laptop. I do wish you could all have been there with us, as we tested out this concept of a meeting of blogger minds. Of course we were tempted to communicate with each other by sitting around the living room with laptops blazing, but in the end, the lure of real life warm bodies won out. I will share more, in a more cohesive fashion, once I have more fully grasped exactly what transpired within these walls, but for now all I can do is gush.

BlogCon (beta) turned out to be five days of bonding, of discovery, of discussion, of embracing friendships new and old. There was manly bonding over microwave installations, there was debate over the proper use of fondant between the newly met bakers, there was sharing of highly disparate music and an embracing of new sounds, there were wine-fueled round table dinner party discussions. There were docs watched from the chesterfield and comedy sketches on laptops, there were new libations invented and a fridge that refused to empty, there were poignant insightful discussions and far too much utter silliness to be proper for a houseful of grownups. I do believe there were a few cases of permanent laughter-inflicted lung damage. Personally, I am still surprised that there were no emergency trips to Shoppers Drug Mart to stock up on Depends.

Outside the walls of Casa del Zombie there was Wordfest complete with a heavy metal poetess and some big names in CanLit, there were Darwin and Einstein at the World of Science, there was Recordland with its seizure-inducing filing system, and there was the metal tee shirt shop that made certain members of the group positively apoplectic with joy.

And oh yes, there was certainly Crokinole.

What's the best conference you have ever been to?


Wandering Coyote said...

Thank you for letting us all infiltrate your home for the weekend. I am still trying to process everything myself and I, too, am suddenly stunned by the silence around me (other than Juno's meowing). To say this was a success is an understatement! It was, as you said in the bus terminal (was that last night???) "magical."

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm just glad you kept your cumin under control, WC, otherwise it could have gotten nasty.
I'm not sure I will ever really process it entirely, but there was definitely a healthy dose of magic to the weekend. All I know is, we need to do this again.

Allison said...

I hope you're going to to something will all those quotes. I wish I had written them down too. I found myself out this afternoon and laughing at "sky juice" ;)

Thank-you again for everything. It was really a great meeting of the minds.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

"Orifistex" has become one of my favourites, Al, but sadly that one came into being after you had already passed through security.
I will scan those notes and send them out. Everybody needs a copy of them.

L said...

That sounds so great! I hope one day I get to blogcon with you!


moe said...

Thanks Barb for hosting such a great event--I've heard nothing but positive anecdotes so far; however I am noticing my wine supply is mysteriously dwindling . . .

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Do plan to attend next year, Lesley! Please, please, please? You could even take us out for morning runs, or at least talk about going out for morning runs...

I only accept responsibility for the Blistex addiction, Moe! But the Spousal Unit has been known to grasp any excuse to keep the vino flowing.
Next time, you MUST join us.