Wednesday, October 06, 2010

but each day when she walks to the sea

The Slightly Retarded Kitty is in charge, and I am counting on her not to mess up the house that I just spent the past three weeks whipping into shape.

Although I am still slightly overwhelmed by the breadth of this mini-trip, I fully intend to enjoy every moment. We'll be celebrating our 300th wedding anniversary tomorrow with a concert and a sleepover with the Offspring, but the real thrust of the weekend will be the Seattle leg.

It's supposed to rain the entire time, but that is not going to dampen my enthusiasm for a trip to the Ipanema Restaurant - an authentic Brazilian rodizio in the heart of Seattle. And with bacon-wrapped turkey being one of the options available on the massive skewers of meat that are paraded around from table to table, I think this may just be my best bet for a Thanksgiving-like meal.

I will keep you posted as events unfold!

What are you doing for the Thanksgiving weekend?
Or for regular old weekend, for those not of the Canadian persuasion?


Jas B said...

Happy wedding anniversary, Barb! Enjoy the celebrations. :) The birthday is also around the corner, isn't it? So happy birthday as well.

Going to a friends' place for thanksgiving dinner Sunday evening...other than that no plans for the weekend...oh yes, lots of homework to do! Almost forgot about that!

Have a great trip. :)

I love the photograph!

Dr. MVM said...

Have fun. And some meat!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks for your good wishes, Jas! Yes, everything happens at once around here. It was also the cat's birthday yesterday.
I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving dinner, and don't spend too much time on homework!

There will be meat, Dr M!

Allison said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! Hope you have a great time at the concert tonight and enjoy the drive to Seattle this weekend. :)

Wandering Coyote said...

Have a great trip, Barb! I am getting two Thanksgiving dinners this year, one at my friend's place on Sunday and one with my dad on Monday. Love it!!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

We're heading to the Commodore early in order to get seats, Al. When you have been married for this long, you get to sit down at concerts.

You are so lucky, WC! I gotta admit I am going to miss those turkey leftovers.

umbrellalady said...

300th, eh? Whew! And I thought we were married for a long time! Happy Anniversary to both of you - enjoy your trip to its fullest.

bloody awful poetry said...

Happy 300th anniversary! Hope you have a great trip and then come back and post concert photos and make me jealous, just like always :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Off to a stellar start, Kathy, with an amazing concert last night!

You are going to kill me when you find out I forgot to bring a camera to the concert, BAP and we had such an incredible view of the stage, too. Oops.