Monday, September 20, 2010

more than baubles

I don't often wear jewelry.

Aside from clipping a band pin or two onto my lapel on occasion, the only adornment that I sport is a watch and a wedding ring. It's not even a particularly fancy ring, just a plain gold band that I bought on my way home from work a couple of weeks before the wedding.

I know my non-bauble-wearing ways were a great disappointment to my mother-in-law. Having had two sons and no daughters, she was just itching for someone with whom to do girlie things. I wasn't much for recreational shopping either.

She never really gave up on trying to press pieces of her jewelry upon me - massive chunky rings and elaborate necklaces - but I had a hard time feigning enthusiasm for these gifts. I amassed a jewelry box full of never-worn pieces before she realized that she was never going to see her prized baubles dripping from my stubby fingers.

Fortunately, we then gave her a grand-daughter and the dance began anew.

your feelings about jewelry?


Dale said...

Hey look. Something shiny! That about sums it up for me.

Allison said...

I'm not really one to switch up my jewelry too often. I tend to wear staples (necklace, earrings and watch) and then every 5 years or so I'll change them.

This however doesn't stop me from collecting unique necklaces. I love to look at shiny things (hello, raccoon) but never usually wear them. I'm still cycling through my grandmothers stuff.


Well you may already know I'm a Jewelry Ho.

Prefer it real, love it vintage and/or by talented artists and have a massive collection that is uber organized by color and type. (yes I'm that anal)

If you've got any pieces you want to part with give me a holler and I'll be over with my chequebook.

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The word verification fairy must know I have a sink full of them.

John Mutford said...

We're not a jewelry house here either. I have my wedding band, Debbie has a band and a ring, and I think a single pair of earrings somewhere.

Sean Wraight said...


No baubles for me... That state more out of necessity than anything. Fear of frying motherboards and or myself y'see.

Still got the tin foil hat though!


Anonymous said...

I wear a wedding ring. That's it. I used to have a stud in my ear, but one day I decided I didn't want one anymore and took it out.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm that way with little baby wolves, Dale. They make me look every time.

HA! I read that as you tend to wear staples in your neck and ears, Al! Obviously I must slow down to give my dyslexia a chance to catch up with me.
It's lovely that you have some of your grandmother's jewelry. Especially if you had similar tastes.

I am impressed by the thoroughness of your jewelry organization, UB! I had no idea. You would be horrified at how I throw all my baubles in an old tin.

Somewhere on her person or somewhere around the house, John? It's surprising the difference it makes.

Always wear the tinfoil hat,Sean! You don't want anybody stealing your radio signals. Rubber soles are also advisable when cooking motherboards and mice.

Me too Mr Anchovy, only I had both ears pierced. Stopped wearing ear rings when my baby kept grabbing at them. It's surprising how quickly those holes grow over.

L said...

I have always said that I don't like or think about jewelry until I look at it, and that remains true today. I have a few pieces that I love and they are my stand-bys and it takes a lot for me to add anything to that list. But, then I walk into a jewelry store or by a window and, WOW, I NEEDS IT! It's all very weird.


umbrellalady said...

I actually love real jewellery but cannot wear it because of a metal allergy - I like jewellery that has a friend or family history behind it - the rest is just stuff.

umbrellalady said...

I'd like to add that I still have the little paper fan earrings you gave me in -as I mentioned - it has to have a friend/family history.

bloody awful poetry said...

I have quite a thing for giant dangly earrings, which my friends say is just the inherent Indian-ness within me making itself known. I never wear watches. People buy me really nice ones and I keep them in my pocket more often than not.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It sounds like you have a complicated relationship with the bling, Lesley. Jewelry as a metaphor for life?

Wow, you still have those, even though you can't wear them, Kathy? You are such a sentimental thing.

Do kids even wear watches anymore, BAP? I suspect that phones have pretty much taken over that function, amongst your demographic.
As for the big dangling ear decoration love, it's hard to deny your heritage. Mine usually manifests itself in food cravings though.