Friday, September 24, 2010

Colin Meloy with a bleached fringe

Colin Meloy was not at the party tonight, but if he had been, he may very well have been sporting a bleached fringe. Undoubtedly he would have been carrying a customized wine glass from location to location, and he likely would have chosen the silver sparkle paint with which to write a sonnet on the glass.

So they would know it was his.

I didn't customize a glass, but I was drinking water, being the keeper of the car keys and all. Despite having to decline the myriad of tempting wine varieties, I did manage my fair share of barbequed morsels on skewers and desserty bits. The designated driver needs some perks, after all.

Kudos to the kids of the corp for organizing this evening's dine-around. You don't need no old boys' social committee to tell you how to have fun.


Wandering Coyote said...

Is this where you were served the cocktail weenies?

Allison said...

I like when you can customize a drinking glass at a party.

What was the party for?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Goodness no, WC! The food was excellent last night, not a cocktail weenie in sight. I caught a glimpse of them on tv the other night, which made me question their existence.

I shall bear in mind customized drinking glasses for future reference, Al!
It was a get together put on by the youngsters at the Spousal Unit's office. A whole new breed of partiers taking over!