Tuesday, August 31, 2010

their own release

Last year at this time, I was at the height of helicopter parentism - hauling out every available suitcase, buying every whimsical office supply item that crossed my path, drawing up emergency contact information, and making list upon endless list. There was no way I was sending the Resident Offspring out into the big world without a suit of armour, a javelin, and her mama peering over her shoulder.

It's hard to believe that it's been a year. But what a difference that year has made.

Thirty-six hours before we leave to take the Offspring back to university, there's a sleepover happening at Casa de la Zombie. I have not yet located my suitcase, nobody has done any laundry, and the only nagging I have accomplished has been to haul the jumbo suitcase up from the basement and suggest that the RO start to fill it with any clothes she plans to take with her for the year.

It certainly helps that most of her belongings are in storage in Vancouver, so it's really just a matter of hauling back the clothes that we hauled out here in the spring. But mostly, I've learned that the RO is a resourceful young adult, capable of fighting her own battles. She has proven time and again that, although she may need the odd bit of advice and the occasional cheer-leading, mostly she just needs to know that there's a safety net if she needs one.

It's seriously challenging my list-making expertise.


Stephanie said...

I got your CDs in the mail - thank you so much!

umbrellalady said...

Amazing how time helps all of us to go with the flow and know that life will happen despite our best intentions,preparations or lack thereof.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yay! I'm glad you got them, Stephanie. I hope you find something you enjoy therein.

So true, Kathy, although I do prefer to be prepared.