Tuesday, August 17, 2010

picking out drapes while the house burns down

If it's not post-hole diggers, it's nail guns. As soon as one neighbour finishes cutting down a tree, the next one will replaces a fence. Just as that's wrapping up, somebody else decides it's time for a new roof, and no sooner has the final nail been driven in, then someone else parks a dumpster in the front yard and beings ripping out kitchen cabinets.

It's been a noisy summer on our street. Not only noisy, but noisy with a purpose. The sort of noise that says I am on a mission to elevate this neighbourhood to sublime beauty and you are not co-operating. Those noises are self-righteous and accusatory when your own yard is falling into disarray. Dying hedges, rickety fences, warped garage doors, overgrown trees and neglected flower beds do not instill confidence that these residents are team players.

And that's just the view from the outside. Eventually we will no longer be able to ignore that increasingly spongy bathroom floor, that tub surround that never worked, the crumbling window sills.

Which is why, with the two free buckets of paint that I have left-over from the cottage, I am stripping that god-awful wallpaper off the living room walls and repainting. I figure a beautiful grey room with olive accent walls will draw the eye up and away from the stained and rippled carpet. Yeah, that'll work.


umbrellalady said...

I agree - those obnoxious, purposeful neighbours should be chastised somehow. They are even more obnoxious at the lake when all I want to do is sit outside and enjoy the birds while I read.

That said, your colours sound great for the livingroom - nothing like a nice coat of paint to perk things up a bit.

L said...

I have been amazed in what changing one room in my house (with only paint and rearranging furniture) has done for my motivation and my overall demeanor. Amazed.


John Mutford said...
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John Mutford said...

A big red arrow pointed at the ceiling will most definitely distract from the carpet.

Allison said...

Must agree with Lesley. I've been amazed how rearranging my office (into an actual office not storeroom) and putting up a few things on the wall have really made a great impact.

At home, picking things up off the floor in my bedroom have also helped give the place a new look. ;)

Good luck painting!


Pretty noisy around here too, most people on my street seem to be tearing down trees,digging up their entire yard or playing with jackhammers.

If you need any help please give me a holler! As you know I'm now gainfully unemployed!

word verification: maartah (dyslexic Martha Stewart perhaps?_

Anonymous said...

hm you seem to have a bit of a guilt complex there.

you would have hated us over the last 2 years. Replaced, shingles, new kitchen, new bathrooms, new flooring in main living area, a garage, paint in main living area, new shed, new built in home entertainment unit / china cabinet

I am so sorry

Anonymous said...

we've done a lot of work here at Anchovy World Headquarters too...mea maxima culpa

S.M. Elliott said...

Someday I'd like to have a little house in the country, with a yard and a tiny garden. But this kind of thing makes me totally rethink that.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It would be worse at the lake, Kathy. I would never dream of doing any work there; I barely do any at home.

I love a fresh colour in a room, Lesley. And it's been years since I painted, so I am overdue. Maybe I'll even rearrange the furniture.

Going out for a can of red paint and an arrow stencil right now, John!

Rearranging for the win, Al!! It must be so liberating having a proper office now.

The whole neighbourhood has gone nuts with this reno business, UB. I guess our houses are all at that age...
I'm okay with the painting, although I sure appreciate the offer. We should do coffee sometime though.

No need to apologize, Kelly, not when you must be exhausted and broke.

Your yard looks amazing too, Mr Anchovy. I really should try to salvage ours.

Don't give up the dream, SME, just because I suck at looking after my property. You'll do far better.

Anonymous said...

exhausted yes, broke not so much. Good credit ratings and no mortgage meant the bank was most obliging. It was either renovate or move, during the process moving seemed like a good option many days. We like that our yard is quite private for being in town.

Wandering Coyote said...

I have a huge noise rant coming up on my blog - the neighbourhood I'm in has just been brutal this summer, not to mention my deck reno, and and it's contributing to one cranky-assed coyote, let me tell you.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

If you've got a location you really like it makes sense to renovate instead of move, Kelly.
I'll bet your place looks fantastic!

Since I wrote this post, my street has become oddly quiet, WC. It's downright eerie!


Hey Barb are you sure there isn't hardwood under that carpet? Trying picking it up near the vent.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Sadly, no, UB. That was one of the first things we looked for when we bought the place, having just installed a shitload of hardwood in our old house.