Tuesday, July 20, 2010

will folk for food

I can practically smell the music from here. Two more sleeps till those sweet notes fill every leafy nook and shady cranny of Prince's Island Park, two more sleeps till I haul my festival chair and our family tarp to our super-secret (north side near the back amongst that stand of trees) super-optimal main stage location for four days of bliss.

Tonight I customized my volunteer shirt. It's purple this year, which was a trifle alarming at first, but it features the same winged cowboy artwork as depicted in the poster, and that just seemed to cry out for some fringing and beadwork. So rather than hack off the sleeves and neckline, as I normally do, thereby converting my volunteer shirt into a folk-flavoured wife-beater, this year I decided to go a little less trashy, a little more retro, and to channel my inner rockabilly folkie instead. A pair of scissors and handful of beads, and I am a fringed splendour.

Soon as I locate the camera, I will show you.

And hey, if you happen to find yourself in the Calgary folk festival vicinity, you should come hang out with me. I'll be working in the record tent 10-12, 1-5 on Thursday, 2:30-5 on Friday, 9-1 on Saturday, and 10:30-1 on Sunday. Drop by and I will show you where I hid all the best CDs.

Or come watch a few shows with me and I'll share my festival chair with you. Here's my schedule:

Thursday July 22

on5:30pmMainstageLibrary Voices
on6:25pmMainstageNatacha Atlas
on8:50pmMainstageThe Avett Brothers

Friday July 23

on6:00pmMainstageFrank Turner
on6:55pmMainstageJoe Henry
on7:55pmMainstageShakura S'Aida
on8:55pmMainstageThe Swell Season
on10:15pmMainstageMichael Franti and Spearhead

Saturday July 24

on1:00pmStage 3Lullabies for Little Subliminals
Jordan Klassen, Ohbijou, Po' Girl,Timber Timbre
on1:55pmStage 4Gravel Road Travelers
Corb Lund and the Hurtin' Albertans, Geoff Muldaur, Tom Russell, Ian Tyson
on3:20pmStage 4Dan Mangan
on4:40pmStage 1Timber Timbre
on6:00pmStage 4Laura Marling
on6:25pmMainstageGreg Brown
on7:20pmMainstageNaomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens
on8:20pmStage 4Man Man
on9:15pmMainstageThe Cat Empire
on10:30pmMainstageCorb Lund and the Hurtin' Albertans

Sunday July 25

on12:50pmStage 5Face Down, Feet First
Laura Marling, Ohbijou, Samantha Savage-Smith, Timber Timbre
on1:30pmStage 1Ox
on2:15pmStage 3United Steelworkers of Montreal
on3:15pmStage 3Pro-rogues
Chris Gheran, Dan Mangan,Sunparlour Players, Ukrainia
on4:40pmStage 5Ohbijou
on5:30pmMainstageKonono No. 1
on6:25pmMainstagePeatbog Faeries
on7:30pmMainstageSt. Vincent
on8:45pmMainstageRoberta Flack


Allison said...

Can't wait to see your folk fest tee! I love when volunteers at events customize their own looks.

Nice schedule. Although I'd be skipping Michael Franti. He's in Jack Johnson and James Blunt territory for me.

I wonder how Timber Timbre will fair in a festival setting? Look forward to your reviews. Have a blast!

p.s. Eat something on a stick too. It's a festival afterall. :)

Dr. MVM said...

As always, I'm jealous.

L said...

Take me with you!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

This year's incarnation is pretty inventive, if I do say so myself, Al, despite leaving the neckline and the sleeves (which are just rolled up) essentially intact. I figure if it gets really stinking hot, I can always further hack it up later in the weekend.
I'm not a particular Michael Franti fan either, but at that time of night, the main stage is the only stage going, so. But yes, I am also really curious to see how Timber Timbre's performance translates from a dark church to a leafy glade. I shall keep you posted!
I'm not even sure if you can buy stuff on sticks. The folk fest has really good food! Real food!

You should join me, Dr M, there's plenty of room on the olde zombie tarp.

You still have time to get here, Lesley, but tickets are selling out, so hurry!