Wednesday, May 19, 2010

invite the tabby two doors down

It's not like I've been avoiding you or anything.

I've lost track of the number of times this week that I have been sidetracked from my lofty blogging goals by the massive to-do list hanging on my fridge. Let me tell you, shiny objects have got nothing on the scattered thoughts that plague a perfectionist gearing up for the musical and social event of the century.

But of course life does go on, even amongst the clutter clearing and the menu planning.

We received a call on Sunday evening from the Autumn Lovers, who were valiantly pressing ahead with their western tour, despite the death of their tour van and the need to leave half the band behind in Ontario. On their way through Calgary, disturbing new noises began eminating from the car and they wisely decided against trying to traverse the Rockies during the darkness. The narrow shoulder of a winding pass hugging the side of a mountain is not the best place for your wheel bearings to blow in the middle of the night.

Bless their hearts, the band did not even complain about having to bed down on mattresses in the living room or the man-cave-like condition of the bathrooms. When they return tomorrow, for the big house concert on Saturday, we will be able to offer them much more humane conditions.

This all happened right around the same time that I thought I had killed the cat.

After discovering Ramona merrily wolfing down ficus leaves, I came to the realization that not only was ficus toxic to cats, but so was almost every other plant in the house. The copious heaving and retching prompted an urgent trip to the vet, where it was determined that she had lost a half pound since the week before and was suffering from dehydration. That night I discovered her foaming at the mouth and went to bed with a heavy heart, certain that I would find her dead in the morning. But that actually seemed to trigger a turnaround, as during the night she hopped into bed with me, all purry and kneady.

Over the past few days, she has been making a steady recovery. Last night she began eating again with great gusto and this morning she drank water for the first time in days. She's now tearing around the house all cute and happy.

Preparations for the big house concert are progressing really well. I expect that we will welcome 35-45 guests, which will test the load capacity of our living room. The Japanese cherry tree in the front yard is showing impeccable timing and should be in the full glory of massive pink blooms on Saturday. Of course I want the yard looking its best, so yesterday I cut the grass for the first time, which of course gave the little boys next door their first lawn mower boner of the season.

I'm glad I still have the touch.


kelly said...

could I have a detailed list of which plants I can use?

That was really the first time you had to cut the lawn? wow

Anonymous said...

Hey Barb,
Best of luck and have a great time. "Lawn mower boner".............. the kid has got a great future. I know!

Creepy Uncle Steve said...

Will the "Lawn Mower Boners" be opening for the Autumn Lovers on Saturday night?

Just Curious.

Creepy Uncle Steve

Missy said...

Way to keep on keeping on! Virtue would be very proud. I am glad the cat is feeling better!

mister anchovy said...

I hope it's a great concert party of the century! (and I'm glad you didn't kill the cat after all)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You wanna be a cat poisoner, you do your own homework, Kelly. You are lucky I know you are just a big talker.
But yeah, I have to cut the lawn maybe 15 times a year. You?

He'll probably be one of those guys who snowblows everyone's driveway on the block, Bruno.

I'm not sure if the Lawn Mower Boners are allowed to stay up that late, CUP. Maybe being a Saturday and all, they can get a special concession.

That cat knows how to throw a party, Missy! Thanks for the good wishes, Ramona says thanks too.

It should be loads of fun, Mr Anchovy, and all the neighbours are invited, so they will be loathe to make a noise complaint. I'm pretty happy I didn't commit catricide either.

Charlie said...

If it isn't one thing, it's another one thing. One thing after another, as the saying goes.

Why not serve ficus sandwiches so Ramona can't get at the leaves? Better yet, serve a nice green salad of ficus and grass cuttings. Cheap eats.

Johnny Rojo said...

You are not trying to kill the cat-- she's trying to do that to herself.

As Conan the Barbarian said, "That which does not kill the kitty, makes her stronger." Or something to that effect.

That is so cool that you and your husband are that supportive to musicians. Kudos to you.

My first wife did some music promotion when she was younger. At some point, the Mighty, Mighty Bosstones slept on the living room floor of the home she shared with her mother, their first time in Chicago.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Ficus sandwiches sound tempting, Charlie. But since the veggie platter was the only thing that wasn't inhaled at the concert, I suspect that good healthy eating is not a priority at these things.

How cool is that, Johnny? It's great having musicians under your roof.