Thursday, May 06, 2010

a child from those ugly new houses

It just sort of slipped out. "If you find yourselves heading to this area, let me know and perhaps we could arrange a house concert or something."

Just as quickly as the weather can turn in Alberta, and mimicing the current bouts of spring snow, that casual comment snowballed into reality. Before I knew it, I found myself eyeballing the living room, mentally calculating the number of chairs we could fit in, pacing out the area for the stage, wondering how the hell I was going to move that cabinet out of the way for the show.

It really does feel like a natural progression, though, this move into hosting a concert. I've always loved live performance and with "always buy the cd" being my personal mantra, it just seems right to expand on my mission statement to promote emerging musicians to the next level and do some actual promotion.

It's going to be a blast. The members of Olenka and the Autumn Lovers seem so easy-going and accomodating - no brown M&M clauses in their rider - and so genuinely happy to fill my house with music, that I sort of feel like I am getting away with murder. (You will tell me if I start turning into the sycophantic slag of Smiths' infamy, won't you?) Some barbeque, libations, a bed for the night, and whatever donations we collect at the door to help with gas money, and ladies and gentlemen, looks like we've got ourselves a show.

I'm a little concerned that we get a reasonable turnout, what with the concert falling on the May long weekend and all, but the Spousal Unit, bless his long-suffering heart, is being uber-supportive, despite his initial alarm, and is doing all he can to help drum up interest. We have, after all, been known to throw a decent party and we are overdue.

So, if you find yourself in the vicinity on May 22, we would love to have you join us for some food, drinks and great music.

Event: Olenka and the Autumn Lovers House Show
Date: Saturday, May 22

Door: 8 pm
Music: 9:30 pm

Donations: $10 suggested minimum

A large rambling collective, Olenka and the Autumn Lovers play darkly beautiful and sonically diverse songs of love and revolution. With accordions, violin, cello, mandolin, and the occasional glockenspiel marrying with soaring vocals and heartbreaking harmonies, the Autumn Lovers lead us through a swirling waltz of vodka-soaked heartache,
draped in carnival hues and a pageantry of Polish resistance in a new world landscape.

Winners of the Traditional Folk/Roots category of the 2010 Jack Richardson Music Awards and the 2008 CHRW local Album of the Year award, Olenka and the Autumn Lovers have made waves at NXNE, Pop Montreal, Halifax Pop Explosion, LOLA Fest, Home County Folk Festival, and have twice toured the Canadian east coast. Olenka and the Autumn Lovers’ music has been featured on CBC Radio 1, 2, and 3, and has received considerable play on college radio.

With their second full-length album to be released in the fall, Olenka and the Autumn Lovers are heading west as a group for the first time. Their musical pilgrimage to the Pacific will take them through Calgary, where you can join them on Saturday May 22 for an intimate and rollicking evening of melodic Canadiana infused with old world influences.

Please contact Barbara at bbruederlin(at)shaw(dot)ca for details of the super secret house concert location (Calgary). Drinks and nibbles will be served. Bring a friend. Space is limited, so RSVP asap.


Anonymous said...

Barb, you are such an amazing supporter of music! Sorry we (most likely) can't attend, but will you please buy a cd for me and I will pay you this summer.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks, Berni! I will put you down for one cd. And save you a couple of seats in case you decide you can live without building that shower at the lake.

pilgrimchick said...

Looks like fun--sorry that I'm no where near the area.

Sean Wraight said...

Be assured that this will be a spectacular evening of music Barbara. I am beyond thrilled that you and your family are opening your home up to these supremely talented Londoners. Be sure to get Whatmore to tell some of his jokes. His stand-up routine is nearly as good as his guitar playing!

Be sure to take plenty of pictures. (Unless of course I get my Clonomatic 5000 working by then and I can sit in the audience.) Great fun awaits my friend. Best wishes to all.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm sorry too, Pilgrimchick, because you know you would be welcome. Someday perhaps?

Maybe Blair could open with his standup routine, Sean, or perhaps we'll just park him by the bar after the show and he can entertain the imbibers.
Of course I owe it all to you for the introductions in the first place, and for planting the seed. Fire up that Clonomatic and get yourself here!

Jas B said...

Wish I could come attend Barb...but once I am back in Calgary, I sure shall! :)

India trip was great, however fell ill as soon as I got back! Still trying to recover form the flu!

S.M. Elliott said...

Awesome. I haven't been to a house concert in forever, and only a band full of anorexic little people could work in this condo, so enjoy it extra for me! Love the rabbity artwork.

Allison said...

I love the poster for the concert.

Not many times do you get to host a concert in your living room! I look forward to hearing all about it, and of course you must take lots of pictures.

bloody awful poetry said...

This sounds really really fun and I am kicking myself for being so far away. You will upload some videos at least, yes? And lots and lots of pictures. And if Olenka and her Autumn Leaves bring alonmg some free swag with them, send that stuff this way.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Such a shame that you weren't back in Calgary now, Jas. You know we would love to have you and it's going to be a great show.
I'll definitely put you on the list for the next one though!

I thought you would appreciate the bunnies, SME, it's great, innit?
Have you hosted a house concert before? I'm a house concert virgin myself.

Loads of pictures, Al, I promise. And perhaps I can even convince the photographer in the house who doesn't suck to take some photos.

I will have to recruit someone who can take some videos, BAP, adding that to my list as we speak.

mister anchovy said...

Did you say "accordions"? I'm sure it will be a smashing success then.

I once organized a party with a band, going way back to the late 80s now. It was a gas. The only drawback is that the next day, feeling way overhung, I was faced with a lot of clean-up. My studio smelled like a bar (spill a beer, no problem...). Interestingly, that isn't an issue when the party is actually happening. Of course this was more of a party than a concert.
The band didn't have accordions either at that time, although there were guitars and mandolins involved, and a gut-bucket bass and a scrub-board and a harmonica.

Charlie said...

Zombies can be so cool! I watched Olenka's two videos on their web site, went to, and downloaded a copy of their album. They are so neat (a musical term), and I'm a sucker for stringed instruments.

So now the score is:

Zombie: 480 million Canuck CDs
Charlie: 1

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You read that correctly, Mr Anchovy! Accordions! I can't wait.
You have pointed out an important distinction between house party with a band playing and house concert. Sure there will be partying at this one, but during the concert, it's a concert. Whether or not that will keep the beer spillage to a minimum, time will tell.

Bless your heart, Charlie! I may have 479,999,999 more Canadian cds than you, but you have a spot in my heart. Enjoy the album, get caught up in those strings.