Monday, April 05, 2010

hope, springing eternal

Despite her illness and her weakness, Sputnik, in true Tortoiseshell fashion, is not about to go out without a fight. In the past few days, she has hopped up onto desks and rolled about in the dirt and discovered the joys of cream cheese and yogurt. She still has too much life in her to just let her go without giving her every possible opportunity to beat this thing.

So we are opting for surgery.

Because the cancer is on her intestine, the vet can remove the mass and the affected section of intestine and sew the good bits back together again, with a reasonable expectation of success. Her surgery is scheduled for Wednesday.

Of course there is always the chance that the vet will find more cancerous lesions once inside, and if that is the case then of course we will have to let Sputnik go. But at least we will be able to sleep nights, knowing that we have explored every reasonable option. And if the procedure will give us a few more years with her, then it is worth the risk.

And as the vet confided to me the other day, the bitchy fiesty breeds like Tortoiseshells are just too tough to simply roll over and die. There's something to be said for being a Type C personality.

I will keep you posted.


LesleyG said...

What a kitty! I'll be thinking of you all. :)

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Best of luck to Sputnik.


Awww Barb, I'm home today and able to catch up on the blogs and I'm so sad to hear about Sputnik. Although I can see why she has been able to delight in the sunshine we've been having by rolling in the warm dirt and well, cream cheese and yogurt just yummy!

I'll be thinking of you guys come Wednesday and will be sending you positive thoughts and hugs for a successful surgery and good results for your little furbaby.

Charlie said...

I'm glad that Sputnik doesn't know she's sick, and the surgery is well worth the try.

Wandering Coyote said...

Just catching up with your news now, Barb. OMG - I am so sorry to hear Sputnik is sick and that you guys are going through this...I'm totally sending you all the positive vibes I can muster...

umbrellalady said...

Sput will decide what happens to her in true Sputnik fashion - I am sure she is glad to hear you are exploring the surgery option - she is truly worth it.

John Mutford said...

I'm glad there's still hope.

Anonymous said...

Such sad times when family members are sick...almost harder when they are non-human.
Give Sputty our best ear scratch. She is one strong girl.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

She's one fierce kitty, LesleyG.

We've got her lucky rabbit foot hanging up, Dr M.

You picked a nice day to be at home, UB. Thanks for your thoughts, I'm working on girthing her up a bit.

She knows that something is not quite right, Charlie, but she is not going to let it defeat her.

Thanks so much, WC, good vibes are always welcome and much needed.

I think she is worth it too, Kathy. She is a cat among cats.

It's amazing the difference a little hope makes, John.

It does seem harder when they are non-human, Berni. I think it's that silent stoicism.

Allison said...

I shall be thinking of you guys, and sending Sputty positive vibes for tomorrow. She's definitely a tough girl, I think she'll make it through.

Doc said...

You've got to love the Type C's! For what it's worth, I'll say a little prayer.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

She is a tough one, as you can attest, Al. If anyone can make it, she can.

Thanks, Gifted. She's hiding under the bed right now, her spidey senses telling her something is afoot.

I really appreciate your thoughts, Doc.