Monday, April 26, 2010

fighting City Hall (redux)

It feels slightly surreal to be talking about taking on City Hall twice in one week, particularly for someone who is not all that involved in municipal politics, but sometimes these things come in waves.

This time though, the victory was rather more meaningful than my simply battling the cursed ParkPlus system. Today's victory was a stay of execution for my favourite theatre spot - Pumphouse Theatre - the hidden little gem, home to my beloved Sage Theatre, which is tucked away between the railway yards and the river, the playhouse that feels like my own private Idaho.

In a long convoluted chain of twists and turns, Pumphouse Theatre was today successful in having a vote overturned in council, a vote which resulted in having $2 million funding reinstated for planned expansion. Part of the success lay with the Pumphouse plan being more clearly laid out prior to this vote, but a large part of the victory came from the tremendous groundswell of support that Pumphouse was able to garner recently. Aldermen were inundated with lobbying from a grassroots movement (yours truly included) to reconsider their position on the funding vote. And for today's vote, council was filled with supporters (yours truly shamefully absent).

The final vote was a heartening 14-1. Ever forward, Pumphouse, to the next hurdle!

Calgary council reverses course, approves $2M grant for Pumphouse Theatre

In addition to singlehandedly saving the arts community in Canada, I also wrote another post over at No Depression, about the Calgary Folk Festival's often zany weather.

It's been a busy day, for a tired superhero.


John Mutford said...

Next you'll be hurtling all the world's nuclear warheads into the sun. You go, girl. You go.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I knew there was something I forgot to do today, John!

mister anchovy said...

excellent job. please continue to save the universe as you see fit.

LesleyG said...

That is fantastic! I expect other huge miracles to come from your direction on the regular.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Getting my cape laundered as we speak, Mr Anchovy.

If it involves sending emails to aldermen, it shall be done, Lesley.

Charlie said...

YAY! Power to the pheasants! I mean peasants!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Pheasants are oragnizing, Charlie.