Thursday, March 25, 2010

blogging out loud

What does everyone always say when they hear their recorded voice? Ewww, do I really sound like that?

I am sure the majority of people cringe when they hear themselves. My weird little voice patterns, my
annoying laugh, my tendancy to keep talking over other people have always made my skin crawl.

Lately I have been transcribing some recorded interviews I did last summer and made a somewhat shocking discovery - I have gotten used to the sound of my own voice. So much so that I think it might be fun to do an audio post sometime.

Do you think the internet could handle this? As tempted as I might be, I promise not to sing. Nobody is ready to hear me warble out the Magnetic Fields or anything else that falls within my limited vocal range.

Of course this would necessitate me figuring out how to transfer the files from my little Barbie Cub Reporter digital recorder onto the computer in some fashion. Therein lies the deal-breaker.

I know some of you have done audio posts in the past. Do you have any tips you would care to share?


kelly said...

It is interesting how different our voices sound to us when recorded. They must not be as bad as we think because when I talk to people I don't see them running in terror.

LesleyG said...

Ohh, I do not like the sound of my voice. Even worse, myself in audio and video combined. That said, DO IT!

Sean Wraight said...

This would be a welcome development Barbara. You have a wonderful voice and it would be very suited to doing this. Even better that you are comfortable with hearing yourself. (That is half the battle won right there.)

I would forget the Barbie Cub Reporter recorder for now... Record directly onto your notebook with the same microphone you would use for Skype etc. Do your thing using this free product for great results.

Find a host site for your mp3/podcast; there are lots of free ones out there and link back to it via your blog. Presto, we get to hear you!

Seems complicated but its a piece of strudel!

Good luck!

Charlie said...

Here's one that Kara used, and you can embed it on your blog just like a YouTube vid.

Pod Bean

John Mutford said...

Use Auto-Tune and sing your posts!

Jas B said...

I sound terrible!!!! At least I think so!

An audio post, sure thing Barb! Do it!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Maybe they are too terrified to run, Kelly?

I think you are adorable in audio/video combo, Lesley! Especially when you have that nephew with you. More, more!

You are too kind, Sean! I don't exactly have a CBC voice though.
Thank you for the tips! Excellent direction. I am quite keen to do this now, I think. And what a great idea to use the webcam mic. So much better than messing with the digital recorder.

More excellent direction! Thanks, Charlie. I shall check that one out as well!

It makes sense, John. I am forever using lyrics as post titles anyway.

Nonsense, Jas, you sound perfectly great.

bloody awful poetry said...

I know nothing of such voice-recording technologies, but I must admit that an audio blog post certainly sounds terrific. I look forward to this very muchly.

I sometimes call myself and have a one-person conversation just to hear what I sound like to people. It's very disconcerting, the sound of one's own voice.

mister anchovy said...

I prefer not to hear my recorded voice...the way I think I sound is much better.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I use my official "Mind the Gap Lady" voice (minus the British accent) on my voice mail message, BAP, so I can understand the phoning yourself phenomenon.

I also think I look better than I really do, Mr Anchovy. Sometimes we have to maintain these little illusions.