Monday, March 08, 2010

in my stupid hat and gloves

The dining room table has been transformed into a war room. Admittedly, it wasn't used much for dining anyway, but now you really want a bomb disposal expert with you if you are going to try to navigate those precisely lined up yet precarious stacks of papers.

I'm sorting tax papers.

I realize I am a good six weeks ahead of schedule this year, but my oh so lucrative state of self-employment forces me to keep track of my business expenses. Only I am about 8 months behind on that. And there are some medical claims to submit too, as soon as I find the receipts.

I dread the scene where the cat wakes up from her nap and wanders in here. I have about another square foot of table space in which to start piles, two square feet if I move the laptop.

But I sort of want the laptop nearby, because mytunes has developed a lovely quirk which I am really enjoying. It's been randomly selecting the beautiful little Replacements song, Skyway, more than the laws of probability would predict.

Here's the Replacements' Paul Westerberg doing a session version for you to enjoy. Perhaps it will inspire you to sort out your filing as well. Because Paul is such a paper shuffling sort of guy, you know.


Wandering Coyote said...

I was a little worried when he said at the beginning of the video that he is going to "blow something else." LOL! I didn't quite know what to think of that.

Good luck with your paperwork. Which reminds me...I will need to get on my tax return soon, too.

Missy said...

Swoon. I am wishing I could clone my self-employed partner to help him get his things together. I am anxious that we are going to be down to the wire on our taxes. Maybe I will slip some extra Westerberg et al. into his mix. He also loves Bob Mould. "If I can't change your mind [about getting your tax stuff together] than no one will."

Oh, and mytunes is loving The Police, a lot.

Allison said...

I normally have my tax return by now, but been slow this year. I fear next year will be worse with all these medical stuff. Oi and vey.

Don't you love when your media players decides to play a song or artist more than usual. Mine is loving George Carlin these days.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Lots of possibilities in that promise/threat, weren't there, WC? Fortunately Mr Westerberg appeared on his best behaviour there.
I've never started so early before, but things are going to get a little nusto around here in a few weeks.

Maybe your fellow Minneapolisians will group together to launch a Tax Aid benefit concert to raise awareness of the need to get one's tax shit together, Missy. It's their civic duty, really.
Funny how mytunes goes off on these little tangents, sometimes.

You normally have your return done by now, Al? How do you get people to send out all your tax receipts so early? I'm usually still waiting for stuff by mid-April.
Your mytunes is embracing the funny guy, is it? Must know you are going to need your sense of humour to deal with all your claims this year.

mister anchovy said...

Taxes. How could I forget?

justrun said...

Whatever helps you get through it, I say.

I am doing my taxes today. I think I deserve a medal of some sort.

Anonymous said...

and you know the cat would not ooze down in the one vacant spot...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

They are something I strive to forget for about 11 months of the year, Mr Anchovy. Sadly, there comes a time every year where there is no ignoring them.

Your overachiever medal is in the mail, Justrun! Do you have all your slips already?

One trick I discovered to keep her from rearranging my piles, Leazwell, is to leave the empty shoe box (formerly holding said papers) on the table. You know she can't resist sitting in that.

Charlie said...

Yeah, April 15th for taxes. I've got all my tax shit, I've had all my tax shit since early February, and all that shit is still sitting in a folder.

Send me a reminder about April 13th so I can freak out. Thank you in advance.