Friday, February 12, 2010

you have got the voice, my love, to melt a lake of ice

Remember when we used to participate in the Friday Random Ten? Those were fun days, weren't they?

In case you've forgotten, or in case you weren't around these parts at the time, the Friday Random Ten was a fun little exercise that many of us used to do, to help kickstart the weekend. It was a very simple concept, put your ipod or computer or whatever you use to listen to music on shuffle and list the first ten songs that play. And there you have your playlist to begin the weekend.

Inevitably someone would list some song that they had no recollection of ever adding to their music collection, and I generally found that, after playing the same tunes all week, itunes would somehow know that it was Friday and my computer would start belting out songs that had never before been released from their digital warehouse. Oh the hilarity that ensued.

Well I am happy to announce that, just in time for Valentine's Day, Friday Random Ten has been resurrected. Mel got things rolling again over on Facebook and now I'd like to invite you to join the blogger contingent of the FRT army. It's fun, it's easy, and it gives you a no-brainer post for Friday, leaving you more time to partcipate in debauchery.

Here's mine:

Darling How I've Missed You Valentine's Edition of the Friday Random Ten
1. Pull Yourself Together - Hefner
2. I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape - the Times
3. That Was Your Mother - Paul Simon
4. Come and Find Me - Josh Ritter
5. Almost Gold - the Jesus and Mary Chain
6. The Taming of the Hands That Come Back to Life - Sunset Rubdown
7. Med Sud I Eyrum - Sigur Ros
8. Neighbours Don't Mind - Immaculate Machine
9. The Bachelor and the Bride - the Decemberists
10. Run Devil Run - Jenny Lewis

Happy Friday!
What's shuffling out of your ipod?


justrun said...

Aw, I miss Friday Random Ten! I remember I was always so excited when people posted songs/artists I actually knew! :)

Will said...

i didn't participate in the random friday 10 the first time around; perhaps i shall have to do it this time; though with how many ipod is looking these days, the list would probably be 60% byrds, 30% crosby stills nash and/or young and 1% something else.

Volly said...

Okay -- I'm gonna give it a shot over at my secret hiding place.

Toccata said...

I remember Random Fridays. I also remember my iPod would at times embarass the heck out of me. Are you watching the opening ceremonies?

bloody awful poetry said...

Sigur ros! Haven't given those elves a spin in a long time. And this Friday Random 10, do I need to qualify to jump on the bandwagon? And maybe we can all ignore the fact that it's about halfway through Saturday over here?

Wandering Coyote said...

I don't have an iPod - I have a Sony Walkman MP3 player. Does that mean I can't participate? I mean, this is such an iPod-centric world now!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Me too, Justrun, or songs that I hadn't heard since the earth cooled.

Good to see you again, Will. You are definitely moving into a certain groove these days. It's amazing what gems that ipod of your will turn up though. Give it a shot.

Yay! I'm heading over to have a gander in a bit, Volly.

That's what ipods do best, Toccata, unearth our deep dark secrets. How nice to see you again! I actually watched some of the ceremonies whilst shooting pool with some friends.

I have been known to publish the Friday Random Ten on Saturdays myself, BAP. Sometimes even on - gasp - Thursdays! Do not be held hostage by your geography!

Of course you can play, WC! I don't have an ipod either. In fact I don't even have a portable music player, unless of course I want to carry my 15 lb laptop around with me.