Thursday, February 11, 2010

practically cornucopiaed

At first I was thrilled and then I was thrilled again and then I was conflicted and finally I was just damn pleased.

Thrilled that the Calgary Folk Festival, that beautiful island gem of musical escapism in the middle of the city, was nominated in CBC Radio 3's Best Music Festival in Canada Searchlight competition. Then thrilled that Sled Island Festival, that upstart hotbed of indie music awesomeness in the heart of downtown, was also nominated. Then conflicted when I realised that I couldn't vote for both of them. And finally, just damn pleased that we are blessed with this dilemma of having two outstanding festivals in the same city less than three weeks apart.

Oh there are some other fine festivals in the running as well, but we all know that Calgary is the place to spend your musical summer, don't we?

So when can you get here?


Todd said...

hehe - I like comic you posted. My gut reaction was to take the 'screw you' shirt, but now I'm not so sure. If it was a double-sided shirt... or maybe if I could get my twin brother to wear one while I wore the other... yes. I'm sure he'll be up for something like that.

Which shirt would you pick?

Allison said...

Ha! I love the comic you posted, too.

Isn't it great when a category is filled with artists/events that you love? Refreshing. Winners all around. Woo and hoo to Canadian festivals.

I'm booking my ticket to Calgary soon. ;)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I would definitely take the "screw you" shirt, Todd, but only because I look better in green than in yellow. Of course. Perhaps you or your brother would like the other one?

I want to be a professional festivaller when I grow up, Al. I just wish summer were about 5 months longer so I could get to them all.
Book that ticket! Come visit!