Sunday, February 14, 2010

but watch her close, she'll cheat you blind

The cat looks very pleased when I tell her that her big sister will be arriving home from university today to clean her eye boogers for her, although I am not sure she is entirely aware of just what this entails.

Two weeks in which this home will ring with laughter and the sound of little feet will be heard stomping through the house. Regardless of how conflicted I feel about the Olympics, I will joyfully accept this gift of an extended reading week.

When was the last time you played pool?

On Friday night we met up with friends for a sushi and pool date downtown. Since we live in opposite corners of the city, meeting centrally meant that neither of us was obligated to pack a lunch and sleeping bags for the journey. The pool hall we found was great, in the same complex as the sushi restaurant so we didn't even have to put our coats back on, with 17 tables and a dart board and even a ping pong table, which I definitely want to try next time we go back. Because we plan to go back, we all need to work on our pool prowess evidently.

I did sink my first shot, but my game rapidly disintegrated after that. My partner and I won two of the three games we played, but only because the other team kept pocketing the eight ball.

Darts came as a welcome relief, especially when I realized that the stand behind here line was much closer to the dart board than I figured it would be. I had visions of hurling those darts into the floor every single time, but I actually only managed that trick a couple of times. I did manage to rip the feathers off a couple of darts while removing them from the board though.

But in the end, when we decided that we would each take one more turn and call it a night, I planted two bull's eyes with my final two shots. Must have been my inner British soccer hooligan surfacing.

It was great to do something a little out of the realm of the usual. Gotta keep those neurotransmitters making new connections, you know.

Have you tried any activity lately that you haven't done in ages?
Any recommendations for what I should tackle next?


Charlie said...

"When was the last time you played pool?"

The last time the pockets in my trousers were empty.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh Charlie, you rascal. Good to know that you can keep yourself entertained, should the need arise.

mister anchovy said...

I'm the worst pool player ever. I'm a little better at darts but I'll never make a realy good dart player. Really good dart players get better the more they drink. I get dangerous the more I drink.

Wandering Coyote said...

They are getting a two-week reading break? WOW. Good for you guys! Something positive it coming out of these games! Does this mean their term will run later?

John Mutford said...

About a year ago for me. Curiously, years of not paying did not in fact, improve my game. Go figure.

Recommendations for what to tackle next? You haven't waged jihad on an Office Depot in a while. How about that?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I dunno, Mr Anchovy, I sort of think I have the lock on worst pool player ever. We may need to challenge each other for that supremacy.
Who ever thought that putting sharp pointy things in the hands of people drinking beer and telling them throw them was a good idea?

The term either runs later or started up again earlier after Christmas, WC, but yeah they do make up the time.

You played pool a year ago, John? I think that qualifies you as the defacto pool expert around here.
Ha! Office Depot jihad as a sporting event! Why not? I see it as a sort of biathlon equivalent.

kelly said...

I have my dads pool cue and his darts. I've completely failed to live up to his expertise. I blame the pool thing on having no 3D vision, it's tough to judge angles etc. (maybe I just suck at it?) A friend has a table in his basement, very nice slate top etc. We haven't played there in at least a year.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I have a hard enough time with angles and such and I do have 3D vision, Kelly, so I think your excuse is topnotch. I was considering taking remedial geometry lessons, actually.

Susan said...

I laughed out loud while reading this- we were so bad! It was such fun, though...

Gifted Typist said...

Ah, pool, used to play often in pubs, it's addictive, reminds me of curling in a funny way

Barbara Bruederlin said...

We were unified in our badness, Susan! I rarely have so much fun sucking at something.

Curling, really? The camaraderie involved perhaps, Gifted? Now I want to play shuffleboard, speaking of pub sports.