Sunday, January 24, 2010

the Januaryists

I thought I was okay with it still being January. We are past the third Monday of January, so we should be over the hump of despair and coasting into the flat stretch of resignment. I have gotten rid of most of the considerable Christmas lard that I accumulated this year and am starting to feel fit again. And I have some projects lined up that have me pretty pumped.

I was pretty okay with it still being January.

And then I read the Calgary Folk Festival volunteer newsletter that landed in my inbox last week, complete with a link to this montage from last year's festival. I don't think I spotted myself (thank god for small mercies), but I am pretty sure I saw a fellow Record Tent volunteer shaking her groove thang. Now I am counting the sleeps till the Folk Festival again and watching the clock tick backwards.

Is there something that you just can't wait for?


Doc said...

"Is there something that you just can't wait for?"

Yes. It's called Ground Hog's Day. I took the week off and we are gearing up for a wicked fun party!

I'm glad to hear that you have kicked the winter blahs right in the groin.

Give 'em hell Dear!


Jas B said...

The winter to be over and coming back to Calgary for good (this September I 'm back, Barb, don't like it here at all)! :)

Allison said...

A time when I'm not waiting for something. So once the physical distance is taken out of my relationship. Sigh. For now, at least there is Skype, and I'm getting good at online chess. ;)

Evelyne said...

Can't wait for the real winter to arrive here in the eastern part of our country, or at least more snow. I went snowboarding for the first time today and would enjoy snow rather than lots of rain tomorrow... would make skiing/snowboarding much better. sigh

But you talking about the Folk Festival makes me want to be in summer to enjoy all the music festivals that we have in Montreal.

I guess it's hard to have both...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I love Groundhog day, Doc, and I salute your proper celebration of it. One of the best parties I ever threw in university was a Groundhog Day party. Those were the days...

I'm sorry to hear you don't like it there, Jas! But on the other hand, really happy to hear you are moving back to Calgary. We'll need to get together.

I find there is always something to wait for, Al. And when you consider it, life would be pretty meaningless if there wasn't something to anticipate. But I know that you mean something rather more specific. This too shall pass.

I had heard you weren't having much of a winter this year, Evelyne. That must feel very strange. Might as well be summer then.

mister anchovy said...

I'm looking forward to May and the beginning of mushroom season in Ontario, with morels being the first tasty edible to show up. I'm also really looking forward to standing in a river again, casting a trout fly. Last year, I stopped doing that midway through the season because I was having problems with my knee, but it's doing so much better now, I think I'll be able to wade no problem.

Anonymous said...

I'm counting the weeks (19!) til Jane comes back to Canada. Thank goodness for Skype!

Sean Wraight said...

Boy oh boy, you "Calgroinians" possess some mad dance skillz... I was really kinda hoping your self-described Elaine Benes moves would have have made the final cut.

What a lovely homage though to festicle season that video is... Mind you, it sure made me a little lonesome for a trip to the park.

Gotta say, I am most looking forward to a trip to Sled Island in June should that one make it to the proverbial cards.

Nice post.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I would love to try some self-gathered mushrooms sometime, Mr Anchovy, but wouldn't dare be the person doing the gathering.
Fly fishing was the driving force behind the SU's exercise regimen as well. Standing in the flowing rivers is not as easy as it sounds apparently.

If it weren't for Skype I would be in the poor house, Berni!
It will be so great to have the whole family back in one country, won't it?

Had there been even the most fleeting image of me dancing, you can rest assured that video would never have seen the light of day on this blog, Sean.
I'm saving it up for Sled Island. Okay, I'm kidding, I promise. It's still safe for you to attend.

Wandering Coyote said...

Well, right now I am just waiting for spring to arrive and the fog to dissipate and the sun to start shining again!

I wonder if Loreena will be at this year's Folk Fest??????????

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I sort of doubt that she will, WC, as they don't generally have the same artists two years running. But there will be many other great musicians there! hint hint