Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the essence rare of retail therapy

Socks and lightbulbs are the lemmings of the personal consumption world. When they decide to commit suicide, it's never alone in a bedroom with a bottle of pills. No, socks and lightbulbs like to go out with mass cliff leapings. The minute you spot that first hole in your favourite puppy socks, you know that it won't be long before you are scrounging about in the sock drawer desperately searching for a mate to that last argyle.

Which is why I found myself sock shopping on album release day. I had planned to pick up a couple of new releases, I fully admit, but when Sears was practically giving socks away and I found myself walking out of the store with a sackful of socks and a mittful of money still clutched in my fist, well I had to spend it by the Best Before date, didn't I?

Five new pairs of socks, five new CDs. And a healthy dose of justification.

How have you been honing your self-justification skills lately?

For the record, if you have not yet picked up the new Eels album, End Times, I strongly advise you to run, don't walk, to the nearest record store to buy it this morning. It's that good. Here's a taste:


Charlie said...

I'll call you Lucky Lady: sitting around in your new socks while listening to the Eels. I loved that song.

Allison said...

What were your other four CD purchases?

My mom always sends me socks in the mail. Thankfully, I rarely have to buy my own socks. However, most of my socks showcase cupcakes, puppies, rainbows, then of course we have the seasonal ones. Hmmm...I might think of purchasing my own, but they're always conversation starters. ;)

Allison said...

For instance, today I'm wearing dancing penguins...

kelly said...

self justification huh?...hmmmm. That sounds like something one should do alone, in private

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The whole album is that good, Charlie! Definitely a winner.
My new socks are pretty sweet as well.

Good question, Al. Basia Bulat (Heart of My Own), Shearwater (Rooks), the XX (XX), and Florence and the Machine (Lungs). Let me know if anything strikes you as something you must have.
If you start buying your own socks, can your mom start buying them for me instead? I don't mind wearing dancing penguin or cupcakes socks at all. (and I have a feeling you don't really either)

Is that what you call it, Kelly? Remind me never to interrupt you mid self-justifying.

Dale said...

Your posts are always so socksy Barbara! This made me think of any time I buy underwear and a clerk says 'you can't return this' and I always reply 'I hope not'.

kelly said...

but if we're talking about spending money on something and trying to justify it....we are now in the process of booking this falls vacation...Turkey!

what am I justifying...I have no idea

Conky said...

KELLY! U are going to TURKEY! drool! How fab!

Barb I am the queen of self doesnt always serve me well though hahaa

Barbara Bruederlin said...

YOU can't return those underwear, Dale, everybody else can. In fact, those tightie whities you bought last week? Returns.

You're going to Turkey, Kelly? Jealous! That will be an amazing trip! But be cautious, I had a grad student attend a conference there and he was mugged. It was tricky getting him home.

Self-justification rarely works, Jen,but I am never going to give it up!