Wednesday, December 09, 2009

confessions of a list junky

I kinda wish my grocery list was a little more inventive, like this one I found on the internetz. Mine are considerably more tame and less fraught with possibility. If anything they are getting more and more pathetic by the week.

Today's grocery list, which contained ingredients for this weekend's annual Nuts and Bolts bake-off, included the item:
- that cereal that's kinda like Shreddies but isn't -

Maybe I should have put some ginkgo biloba on the list.

That's still better than the now infamous time I went grocery shopping armed with a list that read simply:
- supper x 2 -

Now THAT was a helpful list!

Please indulge me with a few grocery list stories, dear readers. I know you've got them!


Allison said...

Ha ha! I was thinking does she mean Crispx? And then I read your label. That's the best kind of list. Makes you think. Like a little puzzle for yourself in the grocery store. I can here the Clash playing now...I'm going to start writing my list like that. Or with the brand's slogan. Ooh, exciting! ;)

My lists are usually boring; milk, fruit, etc. But when I'm writing lists for others, it's when it gets detailed. If I can't remember the name of the item, I'll describe the box or where it's located in the store.

Wandering Coyote said...

LOL! I love that list! I unfortunately don't have any funny shopping list stories to tell you...Except I often forget them when I leave the house.

justrun said...

Oh, just another reason we get along so well.

John Mutford said...

Oh I'm so bothered by the placement of salami and sausage on that list.

Certainly not as amusing as that, but if I'm writing the shopping list for my wife, I'll sometimes write it in Mad Gabs style. It keeps her out of the house longer. Which, when I write it here, makes it sound mean. Take my wife. Please. Nah, I'm just goofing around. She's alright.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Wow, you must know your stores pretty well, Al! It does make for a rather lengthy list, though, doesn't it, when you have to start writing descriptive phrases. Have to start tearing the scrap paper for lists into bigger pieces. On the flip side, it does make a sport out of grocery shopping.

I often leave them stuck under the fridge magnet as well, Wandering Coyote, and that's when I play that memory game, or I go with the standard list, because I know I will be back the next day anyway.

Is that YOUR grocery list I found on the internet, Justrun?

Yeah, there's no way I am eating supper at that person's house, John.
Your poor long-suffering wife! You likely steal her cell phone from her purse before she leaves so she can't call to ask you what the hell "be he not bought her" means.

kelly said...

lists? who needs lists?

apparently life would be more interesting if i did

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You live without lists, Kelly? I live FOR lists.