Tuesday, November 10, 2009

set them wild, set them free

In keeping with the precedent set in May of the year of our Lord two thousand and nine, when it was unilaterally decided that there would be no bedding plants purchased nor planted at Casa del Zombie that year, Ms Zombie wishes to announce that there will be no brandy fruitcake baked for the upcoming Christmas season.

That is all.


kelly said...

why not?

after all I made croissant dough cinnamon buns on the weekend

Doc said...

Good to know. It's a waste of good brandy!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Brandy fruitcakes require at least 6 weeks of brandy treatment, Kelly. And then I am the only one eating them. No more.

Well you keep a little on the side for a nip here and then when you are doctoring up the cakes, Doc. So it's not all wasted.

bloody awful poetry said...

I detest brandy, and I am not fond of fruitcake, so this news disturbs me not. Carry on, then.

mister anchovy said...

My mom used to make brandy fruitcake, and miraculously people actually ate it. I'm sure they only did that to catch a little buzz. I never aquired the taste.

Karen said...

What's this nonsense?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I am quite relieved that I have not shattered your world with this announcement, BAP. I would hate to do that.

I never thought I would either, Mr Anchovy, until I tried my brother in law's recipe. It made a believer out of me!

Just taking the year off, fear not, Karen. We will return to regular programming next Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Another tradition down the tubes, just like in our house. However shortbread and nuts and bolts will still be made as the girl in Chile is expecting a parcel.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Shortbread and nuts and bolts are still on the agenda here as well, Berni. Some things are sacred.
But J's not coming home for Christmas this year? I guess that is a very long way.