Saturday, November 21, 2009

how hard can it be to be a weather forecaster in Vancouver these days?

I mean seriously. All you have to do is say "it's gonna rain!" periodically and you're covered.

Cushiest job ever.

Apparently I arrived during the only 3-hour break from the rain that this city has seen all month. Sadly, those dry Calgary winds that I tucked into my bag were no match for the pineapple express that's been pummeling the coast.

But that did not stop Mel, Al, the OFKAR and I from wandering around the corner to Davie Street and tucking into a bit of a curry fest during the sleepover last night. And the rain made cozying up on the couch and falling asleep while watching The Princess Bride feel even cozier.

The OFKAR and I are planning to do some much needed shopping this afternoon, prior to the Billy Bragg concert.

I hope Lady Garmin doesn't try to murder me in a lake like she did yesterday. Besides dealing with an evil GPS who just wants to mess with your mind, I have discovered that there are some other challenges to driving around Vancouver. On the way from the airport, I drove for 20 minutes without seeing a single speed limit sign. Oh yeah, and I learned the hard way that there are no merge lanes in this city.


kelly said...

yep...and another torrential downpour is happening now, maybe not in Vancouver, but over here.

There is no such a thing as "muched NEEDED" shopping.

Did your GPS lose the satellite...telling you.."lost satellite, OK?" to which you yell back at it "No it is not fucking ok, get it back now!" which it doesn't do and not only doesn't it do it, but it doesn't even answer you, just looks back at you like the cold heartless bitch it can be.

No merge lanes? I never noticed, but you seem to have arrived unscathed

Wandering Coyote said...

No one knows how to merge properly in this province anyway!

We've had quite a nice day in this little corner of BC, with only 10 minutes of snowfall. That'll change soon, though.

Charlie said...

Ah HAH! No wonder the snowbirds from Vancouver in their bus-size motor homes don't know how to drive on our freeways.

Then again, our freeways are pieces of crap and we can't drive on 'em either.

pilgrimchick said...

So that's where it all went--we were supposed to get that weather all day at least once last week, but suddenly, it cleared up. Are the weatherpeople trying to keep their jobs cushy out there by somehow attracting the rain to your city?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It sounds like you have met Lady Garmin, Kelly. She hasn't pulled that trick on me yet, but she's got a couple of days and some pretty foreign territory ahead of her yet.

It's supposed to be "Vancouver sunny" here today, Wandering Coyote. Which means it stops raining for a few minutes now and then. I am learning a whole new weather terminology.
Still better than snow, though.

Nothing scarier than a retired Canadian, driving a house down the road, Charlie.

I doubt they have to work too hard to attract rain here, Pilrimchick. It sort of happens naturally anyway. And to think I complain that it's too dry back home...

Allison said...

One of my favourite Family Guy quotes. I can't believe I haven't used it these past seven weeks. Thank-you for the reminder.

I hope the GPS system does not lead you astray and that you make it out to the Ridge this afternoon!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That GPS is evil, Al! Evil incarnate!

But it was worth almost getting murdered by technology to spend a lovely evening with you, eating your fine fine cooking. Thanks ever so much.