Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the fields of November

On this day I remember my father amongst all the others. He did not fall in the war, but many of his dreams and expectations surely did. The war changed his life in such profound ways which I am only beginning to comprehend.

He was younger than my own child when he fought. This is unfathomable to me. The lives of his children, which to me growing up felt unbearably harsh, must have seemed to him so very privileged. His war diary, which was unearthed after my mother's death, gave shocking glimpses into some of the horrors that he witnessed, that must have shaped him, in a war of which he rarely spoke.

I remember.


kelly said...

I recently found my grandfathers attestation papers for WWI online. He was 16 when he signed up and went to war. Apparently he has a couple medals coming to him that he never wanted. I have somebody looking into how I can get those.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Wow. Very moving tribute to your father. One day I hope you'll share his diary with the world.

justrun said...

How touching, Barb. And so well said.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Isn't it sobering how young they were when they were pressed into adulthood, Kelly? I hope you can recover those medals, they are rightfully part of your family's history.

Thank you, Dr M. I don't really think I have the right to ever share his diary, but for me is is one more piece in the puzzle.

Why thank you, Justrun.

Charlie said...

Thank you for this post, Barbara.

Anonymous said...

Barb, you have so eloquently written the words that are in my heart. Thank you.