Thursday, November 19, 2009

but you can't see your way if you're blind

Smell my face. Does it remind you of Thanksgiving?

The lady who vacuums my face always wants to try new techniques on me and today I let her talk me into a pumpkin facial.

I look good enough to eat!

I just realised today that I have not flown solo since before the Offspring Formerly Known as Resident was born. Although I am not looking forward to being solo whilst navigating the car rental business and then finding my way around that crazy city which is built entirely on bridges, I must admit I am anticipating the time to read in the airport and in the skies.

I have Terry O'Reilly's brand new book tucked into my computer case, as well as some work-related magazines, and I can't wait to kick back with a cup of coffee and a couple of hours to read. Just thinking about it feels so incredibly luxurious.

I haven't a hope in hell of catching up to the blistering reading pace set by the OFKAR, who has just finished her 49th book of the year. Barring John Kusack unleashing the end of the world upon us two years early, she will most certainly make her goal of 50 books this year.

*golf claps all round*

I have however, just completed a rather lengthy book, which at times I doubted that I would actually
finish, and I have posted a review over at the Bookworm Collective. I invite you to discover what I thought of this vaguely gothic Spanish historical mystery.

What are you reading these days, anyway?


Remi said...

I just saw Stephen King and David Cronenberg talk a couple hours ago. I picked up King's newest doorstopper and am planning on digging in.

At the same time, I am rereading Alayna Munce's When I Was Young and In My Prime for the Canuck book challenge. It's just as wonderful the second time around.

John Mutford said...

Books, meh.

What the frig is that picture? It's creeping me out.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I remember when I was younger, a new Stephen King book was cause for great excitement, Remi. I'm not even sure when or why I stopped reading his books, but I could get into one right about now.
How was the talk? I can only imagine that it was fascinating.
I don't even know the other book you mention. Bad Canadian that I am .

Yeah, I don't think this book thing is going to catch on, John.
I think it's a pumpkin getting a facial. Or me on a really bad day.

Remi said...

You're not a bad Canuck. The book came out on a small press and never achieved the widespread fame I feel it deserves. Besides, it's a quiet, poetic book and those sorts of books rarely make a big splash.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's true, Remi, they pass by almost unheeded. Well I shall certainly have to heed now that I am aware.

Jas B said...

A pumpkin facial! :)

Reading "The Year of the Flood" by Margaret Atwood these days.