Thursday, October 01, 2009

I'll take a blown speaker over a blown pupil anyday

Eyeball #2 has been successfully sliced and diced (yes the lucky panties were worn). It doesn't have quite the extreme clarity of vision that the other eye has, but that could well change, since there is still a bit of swelling, and the surgeon informed me at the post-surgical check-up this morning that the pupil was not quite properly in place yet.

Yes, the thought made me gag a little too.

I was ready to accuse them of inadvertently leaving a paperclip in my eye yesterday, but then the Eye Fairy came by during the night and removed it. I am not even going to complain too much that I did not find a dollar under my pillow this morning. She can have that paperclip for free if she wants.

So while I am lounging about on the chesterfield, watching Pixies documentaries and complaining to the Spousal Unit that I simply could not dream of going
anywhere near the stove "on account of the eye, you know" (with eternal gratitude to Sean for the ironclad excuse), I have outsourced a few items that you may find of interest.

Okay, I still wrote them, but they are elsewhere on the internet, so it feels like someone else did. Like kissing your elbow.

It was an evening that started as a soundtrack to a creepy and surreal David Lynch film. Images of abandoned farmhouses, startling flashes of ominous flocks of birds. Yet it morphed into a wizard populated video game awash in orchestral pop. Beautiful boys in star wars tunics making play on church altars.

Want to know more? Please head over to New Canadian Modern to read my full review of the Final Fantasy/Timber Timbre concert.

Or if books are more your style, you may be interested to know more about Vincent Lam's Giller Prize winning book of short stories Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures. I've posted my review over at The Bookworm Collective.

You may just be able to pass your med school entrance exam once you have read this book. You will certainly be able to impress and entertain family and friends with your knowledge of crash carts and code oranges and other sexy emergency room terms.

Pass me the remote and another bonbon please.


kelly said...

use "the eye" as an excuse as long as you can

Volly said...

Glad the worst is over. You're one of two people who have had eye surgery this week! That Eye Fairy gets around.

Oh, and...happy birthday. Don't know if I'm early, late, or just on time. I know you're a Libra, but despite a bit of searching, I couldn't pinpoint the date. So happy anyway!!


mister anchovy said...

your scotch is on the way...fair trade for a bonbon.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Glad to hear your peepers are okay. I'd hate sending postcards to a hot blind chick.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I figure if I really work at it, I can stretch this one out for another two, three months, Kelly.

The Eye Fairy has been working overtime, Volly. Charging overtime as well.
Thank you for the wishes! How sweet of you. Yup, it's coming up faster than I expected.

I'll bet Scotch and bonbons would go really well together too, Mr Anchovy. We should have a tasting session.

I dunno, Dr M, I hear hot blind chicks are the life of the party.
It was a fantastic postcard, blind or not! And I have never gotten one from there before. It proudly maintains a place of honour on my fridge.

Wandering Coyote said...

Oh, Barb, you do kill me - daily!

Allison said...

I love this business of naming things. Whenever I read
"the eye" I think of you drinking a glass of wine (raising your pinky to drink of course) and saying things like "darling." ;)

Glad the worst is over and you're onto the healing stage.

Me and Myrtle and still kicking it, unfortunately. We'll look to you and the eye for encouragement. :)

Charlie said...

I read your last line as, "Pass me the remote and another bourbon please."

Looks like I need some eye help too, or just reading lessons. In any event, no one is gonna touch my peepers—can't even stand eye drops.

I'm glad, though, that you're now in the recovery stage.

But how long to you have to wear that get-up in your photo?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thankfully you have at least nine lives, Wandering Coyote, otherwise I'd be on the lam right now.

Ha! You know me too well, Al! That's pretty much exactly how it goes down when The Eye and I make our pronouncements. Except we've been trading the red wine for peppermint tea. The Eye prefers it that way.
Hopefully the naming of Myrtle will bring her under control.

I'm thinking of making that my permanent look, Charlie. I rather think it suits me.
Oh and bourbon would probably work just as well, so please do pass it along.

pilgrimchick said...

I've always been squeamish about any eye "molestation" of this kind. I hope the discomfort abates soon.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Funny you should use the term "eyeball molestation", Pilgrimchick, because that is precisely what the surgery felt like. Happily, all is pretty comfortable right now!