Friday, October 02, 2009

germ-free adolescent

I spend my days putting in eye drops. It's what I do. People ask me what do you do, and these days I reply I put in eye drops.  And wash my hands.

This week it's 32 drops per day. And I need to wash my hands between each drop. This is on top of normal hand washing, of course, and I have always been a bit of a handwashing enthusiast, subscribing to the belief as I do that a kitchen is a veritable landmine of death germs. But none of this antibacterial soap for me, no sir.  No one is going to accuse me of contributing to the downfall of civilization by superbug.

I now have the cleanest hands in the history of hand cleaning. There is no way that anybody is ever going to catch H1N1 from shaking hands with me. 

Plus I am singlehandedly contributing to a healthy bottom line for each and every soap and hand lotion company in the western world.

How many times a day do you wash your hands?  
How much is too much?  


Wandering Coyote said...

At least a dozen - and I pay for it. I have really dry hands, and in an already dry climate, it's brutal. I use a lot of lotion, too.

Evelyne said...

I'd say that 32 times a day (you really have to put 32 drops per day?) might be too much. I've never counted how many times a day I wash my hands but I know that on day I'm at school, they're being washed a bit more often.

kelly said...

i have no idea, i'll count. how often should one wash them?

Do you have to wash them after you pee? Why? I was taught to and I do but I don't pee on my hands. That being said if I ever find any food service worker that doesn't......

bloody awful poetry said...

32 times? Isn't that a bit much? And you don't need to put them all in together do you? And wash your hands after each?
And I really don't keep count of how many times I wash my hands. Does hand sanitizer count, or is that cheating?

mister anchovy said...

It hasn't occurred to me to count how often I wash my hands. I never use those hand-sanitizer stations though, except in hospitals.

Anonymous said...

we are told to wash our hands from the time we fall out of the womb....... why? Are we that germ infected!
Interesting question about washing after we go pee.... shouldn't we really also wash before we go pee?
You open the door to a public washroom and then you unzipped and do what you have to do. NOW WHAT WAS ON THAT WASHROOM DOOR HANDLE?
I actually wash my hands quite frequently (never ever counted) but will attempt to do this.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

We really should be buying shares in Vaseline Inc or something Wandering Coyote. We'd be filthy rich.

32 drops a day this week, but each week it lessens, and I'll be done in a month or so, Evelyne. I'm suspecting washing my hands 32 times per day is overkill as well.

Kelly, you are NEVER putting drops in my eyes! I'll tell you that right now!

Hand sanitizer is definitely cheating, BAP, but in the time of plague, it's better than nothing.
That's the problem, though, I have to wait several minutes between drops, so I start doing something else and then I need to wash my hands all over again.

The hand sanitizers are a crock, Mr Anchovy, but okay in an emergency. It's soap and water for me, too.

I used to work with someone who washed her handing before and after peeing, Bruno. Of course working in medicine, people are sort of more inclined to be up on the whole hand washing thing.
For the record, I am all for getting dirty, letting little kids get exposed to microorganisms and such (and don't even get me started on the foolishness of these antibacterial everythings), but with my eye surgery, I am being uber careful. Uber, of course, coming naturally with my heritage.

Allison said...

I suddenly feel very unclean in comparison. ;)

This reminded me of the George Carlin skit on germs...he's with Kelly on the germ factor. Its a great clip, should be on YouTube...

BeckEye said...

I think we should have a clean hands contest. You may think you're the shit, but I am pretty confident that my hand washing enthusiasm at least rivals and possibly topples yours.

kelly said...

I WASH!...they're clean, not right now because I was just out sweeping dirt off the driveway, but they still look clean enugh

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I am quite sure you are immaculate, Al. You are an Immaculate Machine, even!
Kelly should be on Youtube as well, I think.

You are on, Beckeye! You bring your filthy little hands over here and we will have a wash-off, missy. And then we'll see who gets to handle the delicates.

I don't need to sweep the dirt off my driveway, Kelly. First because I don't have one, second because it's snowing.

Deb said...

In answer to your question: 8,411. Yesterday I probably topped that though.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

We're hand washing twins, Deb!