Thursday, August 27, 2009

move along, there's nothing left to see

While I realize that you very likely keep a sharp watch on all Radiohead goings-on, refreshing your Radiohead RSS feed every five minutes as is only proper, there is always the slim chance that one or two of you may have missed some recent breaking news. To assist you in maintaining your razor-sharp cutting edge, may I now present the following information shamelessly swiped from around the internet:

Those old guys who do the Breakfast at Sulimay's series have weighed in on These Are My Twisted Words. What's not to love about cute old people talking about current music? The fact that they confuse the song with the also recently released Harry Patch (In Memory Of) only makes them more endearing.

Thom's slightly less famous brother, Andy, joins him on a track for the compilation Ciao My Shining Star: the Songs of Mark Mulcahy. The album, featuring songs covered by the National, Michael Stipe, Frank Black, Dinosaur Jr and more, was compiled to aid the former Miracle Legion front man following the sudden death of his wife last year. All for the Best, the track covered by the brothers Yorke, is quite beautiful and wonderfully restrained. Do take a listen. Buy the album. You'll get karma points in addition to new music.


justrun said...

Barb, can you make me a Radiohead mix tape? I really think you're my only hope for my ever understanding and loving their music. (Disclaimer: I have neither tried nor avoided understanding or loving their music in the past.)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Justrun, I would be utterly delighted to make you a mixtape. But you may have to settle for a double cd as I doubt I can fit all my favourites onto one disc. We will make a Radiohead-head out of you yet. Or at least give it a good try.

Please email me your mailing address
(bbruederlin at shaw dot ca)

Remi said...

Sure, just when I think I've got a handle on my cd buying addiction, you go and recommend more music I'll want to buy. I think I need a 12 step program.

The old people reviewing stuff is just strange. But funny.

bloody awful poetry said...

The idea of Thom Yorke having a brother is just odd to me. It's like he's far too Awesome to ever have been burdened with the indignity of siblings. But thank you for the little dose of Radioheaducation for the week.

John Mutford said...

Love the cartoon.

Allison said...

I love that cartoon, too. :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I've been trying the one-step program myself, Remi - staying out of the record stores. Sadly I am slipping back into my old addictive behaviours more than I care to admit.

I agree, BAP, it's like he should have sprung fully formed from a conch shell or something.

Me too, John, which is why I swiped it from somewhere.

I love the idea of crushing people under a giant wall of ice myself, Al. It's just my speed.