Sunday, August 09, 2009

memory will rust and erode into lists

In a month from now, the Spousal Unit and I will have returned from the left coast, having left behind the Resident Offspring (whom I guess will then need to be redubbed the Offspring Formerly Known as the Resident Offspring). I am trying not to indulge in preemptive nostalgia at this point, but it's difficult not to fall in the habit of noting finalities. Having such a close relationship with the RO is, of course, a blessing and that will never change, but it will make the separation more intense.

Right now I am trying to squeeze every drop of enjoyment out of these next few weeks, and am really rather grateful that the current economic reality keeps her from wasting her days slaving away at a McJob. And of course, I am also grateful that my own hobby job allows me the freedom to seize all the time I can to bask in the sparkle of her wit. As a wise friend advised me last night, this is not the time to be thinking about missing her. This is the time to enjoy adventures together while she is still at home

I know the dynamics of this household will change dramatically come September, such is the reality of having only one offspring to see off into the world, but new fangled technology should help to ease that somewhat. And with new fishing destinations to keep the Spousal Unit's imagination occupied and new creative projects unfolding to engage mine, I'm pretty sure we can keep our shit together until the Christmas reunion. I may just need to find some more friends my own age is all.

I have finally finished mulling over what I thought of Donna Morrissey's What They Wanted, the first book I have read for this year's Canadian Reading Challenge (which began July 1, so this is not as pathetic as it seems at first glance). If you would care to read my review, please head over to The Bookworm Collective, where of course you will find a myriad of other book reviews as well to whet your appetite.

You know, just in case you have already plowed through your own summer reading list.


Wandering Coyote said...

Aw, Barbara, I feel for you. But, it's true: now's the time to soak up that company rather than anticipating the loss. Enjoy your time together!

justrun said...

Aw, enjoy this time! And I know it's hard but from the kid's perspective, getting away from your parents makes you appreciate them so much more, especially parents like you. There's something about that distance that builds a foundation for a more adult relationship. It's a pretty cool thing.

I have been reading the same book since June. Sigh.

Allison said...

I got the same advice this morning, as I am in a knot wondering how my current long distance relationship will work in the future.

You have such a strong foundation with the RO, you are truly lucky. Its taken me years to reach that with my mum. You guys are going to be fine, I know it. I hope there are lots of movie marathons, record shopping, and tea dates for you both this month. I'd like to think they all take place in Scottish accents too. That makes me happy. :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I am determined to make the most of the remainder of the month, Wandering Coyote. Nothing but fun and games for this mother/daughter dynamic duo!

You must read the same two sentences in bed every night, just like I do, Justrun.
I agree though, kids have got to get away from home and start their own lives. I had my time, now the world gets to share her.

Oh yes, we really must brush off our Scottish accents and use them continually for the rest of the month, Al. Perhaps we can even use them for the entire 12 hour drive to Vancouver at moving time, thereby effectively driving the Spousal Unit absolutely bonkers. That would be fun.

umbrellalady said...

Time does pass quickly - one minute they are cute little gaffers and in a heartbeat it seems they are suddenly grown and off on their own adventures. Your RO is wonderful, intelligent and great company - of course you will miss her - who wouldn't? One thing I have found in our household is that they do come back... I think you can feel quite confident that the same will happen in your household.

kerlly said...

think of it this way...its have a new spare room in the house, you can turn it into can run around naked without fear of scaring your child for life.....

embrace it

kelly said...

i am not kerlly!

Anonymous said...

Christmas will be here in a snap!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Absolutely right,Kathy! I am looking forward to the day that I am complaining that she keeps returning home. All we can do is keep the nest warm for them.

I already do run around the house naked, Kelly not Kerlly. Are you saying I am to blame for all that emotional scarring?

As Christmas always does. You are quite right, Leazwell. And I am pushing for a Thanksgiving visit as well.