Sunday, July 05, 2009

set our watches forward like we're just arriving here

The countdown begins.

With my volunteer shirt and badge now safely in my grasp, I can start planning my strategy for the Calgary Folk Festival, which is a mere two and a half weeks away. Barely enough time to pour over the reconnaissance maps of Prince's Island, plan out the must-see workshops and perfect the precision timing needed to get the festival chair folded at one shady glen and unfolded in the perfect spot at the next without missing one note. Nobody ever said it was easy being a folk festival ninja, but that's what all those years
of training were for. If anyone cares to join me on the island this year, I will be happy to share my vast festival ninja knowledge with you. I know all the secrets to the ways of the curry stand and the gelato place.

As you can imagine, I was completely chuffed to realize that the Decemberists are playing the mainstage on Friday night after the Record Tent closes for the evening, so regardless of my shift schedule, I will not miss them. I may have to do some scurrying back and forth between the mainstage and the twilight stage that night, in order to catch Apostle of Hustle, but I can be a good scurryer when called upon to be.

The workshops look pretty inspired. I am aiming my sights on Saturday's Another World workshop with Pacifika, the Acorn, Tarhana, and Apostle of Hustle, followed at the same location by a Deep Dark Woods concert. At the Sunday sessions, I am kinda drooling over the Rock, Stocks, and Two Smoking Carols session with Jay Crocker, Akron/Family, Chad VanGaalen, and the Rambin' Ambassadors, followed by another great concert at the same site - the Acorn.

So much great music and great musical matchups absolutely crammed into four days, it's crazy. It always is. Yet, at the same time, the atmosphere at the folk festival is so relaxed and so easy, it truly is a holiday that refreshes the mind and rejuvinates the soul. The body will just have to look after itself.

There is a slightly surreal aspect to the folk festival for me this year, in that I will also be working as a reporter for BC Musician Magazine. I have media accreditation and everything, so will be able to go to the media area and sign up to interview artists. Better make sure I have fresh batteries in my Barbie Cub Reporter digital recorder.


Charlie said...

You're a lucky lady, Barbara. You have music in your DNA, you love the indie groups, and you have neato festivals where you can hear and mingle with them.

I plan on pouting this afternoon.

mellowlee said...

You are my favoritest folk festival ninja ever!!! xo Please yell "Mel loves you" at the Decemberists for me!! :O)

rachael chatoor said...

festival ninja! LOL

Sounds like brilliant fun! I love going backstage to get the goods!

hehe, get that fancy recorder all charged up!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

So glad I could ruin your day for you, Charlie. My work here is done.
I am very lucky though, no question. Not so sure about the lady part.

I am practicing my "Mel loves you" holler right now, Mel. The neighbours are concerned.

This going backstage bit will be a new experience for me, Rachael, so I am quite thrilled. Usually I just pass by on my way to the food tent and gaze in wistfully.

Gifted Typist said...

this sounds like a fabby festival - i love music festivals

Allison said...

I get so excited for this festival because I know you'll do a great job documenting for us boring folk. ;)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Me too, Gifted! As sad as it sounds, I really do live for music festivals.

You're going to have to try a lot harder if you want to be boring, Al. But I shall continue to try to bring you (way too) indepth coverage.

bloody awful poetry said...

This..festivalling, it's all you ever do isn't it? I shall now go away to stew in the bitter bile of my own resentful envy, thank you.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Festivalling really is all I do, BAP, I'm not going to lie. I am but a blight on society, truth be told.