Sunday, June 14, 2009

I traced my fingers along your trails

The Resident Offspring received her residence confirmation for university this fall, which is a huge relief, as I was beginning to fear that she would be pitching a tent on the beach for the semester. Unfortunately she was assigned to the residence that she did not want to live in, but she may well be able to transfer once she gets there. You know how that first month of university is a veritable beehive of shuffling and adjustments. Or perhaps she'll end up enjoying living with a bunch of Engineers. Yeah, right.

The Spousal Unit is driving out to Manitoba this morning to deal with some land baron issues. Hopefully the stack of mix cds that I made him will keep him entertained whilst crossing the Gap (aka Saskatchewan). I've got nothing against Saskatchewan, despite having spent two years in Regina, and some of my closest friends live there, but my fuck it's a long flat boring drive. It is much better now that they have finally twinned the Trans Canada all the way through, except for that one spot at Moosemin. Which figures, Moosemin being the asshole of the universe and all.

Still, I would rather drive back and forth across Saskatchewan twice than tackle some of those highways through BC. There is not one straight road in the whole fucking province, as the Spousal Unit so eloquently put it on a road trip to Kelowna one summer. Quite rightly too.

Speaking of BC, my newest BC Musician Magazine article is available HERE. My apologies for the seemingly endless shameless self-promotion. You're not hurting my feelings by rolling your eyes like that, sometimes I get sick of me too.

What's the worst road trip you have ever made?
Worst place to stop for a pee?


Conky said...

engineers??? OH GAWD....that seems like a poor fit for our lovely lady without a doubt...hope she can weasel into the artists dorm!

nice article last....i have 1 tattoo and i waited until I was 31 to get it and got it immortalize not a band but my little brother who died the year before and i have to is a real mindfuck to agree to let someone POKE ink into your skin knowing it wont wash off....i was startled by the permanency of it for years and its made me not get another one...i dont regret the tattoo at all or the meaning behind it but it sure made me realize that being flippant about gettng tattoos is not a good idea hahahai thank the goddess of good sense every day that at 14 or 15 it was illegal to tattoo a minor or id be COVERED with tattoos: MOTLEY CRUE, IRON MAIDEN, METALLICA, etc id have to wear a fucking burka to have a shred of dignity as an adult haha

Joe said...

I liked that tattoo article! I've been craving another tattoo for a few years now, but just haven't gotten around to it. I have two, one on each upper arm, and I want to turn the one on the right arm into a half sleeve.

Worst road trip? Well, that would be the one where I broke my hand punching the car steering wheel in a fit of blind rage over a fouled-up hotel reservation.

Worst place to pee? There's no such category for a man--the whole world is our urinal.

Allison said...

I found a straight road in BC! I found a straight road in BC!

Well, mostly.

From Terrace to Prince Rupert. Its not Trans Canada Saskatchewan total straight, but its much better than all the other roads I've traveled on in this province.

Can't say I've had a horrible road trip. But two of the scariest drives I've had where from Vancouver to Whistler (when it was just one lane) and parts of the coast highway in California...driven in the dark. Not smart.

Off to read the tattoo article...

Wandering Coyote said...

OK, worst road trip ever:

August 2000, Seattle to Whitefish Montana, for family re-union with in-laws. I had to drive with my BIL couched in the back of his tiny little sports car, while he & the Wasband listened to sports radio the whole time there. BIL was a speeder and he scared the shit out of me more than once. Then we had to keep stopping because there were actually two cars of relatives on this trip and we wanted to all be together for meals. So the FIL would say, meet us at the first gas station on the right in such-and-such town. You'd think this would be simple, right? NO! We had more misunderstandings about this and because we were always so far ahead of other car, we were always at the rendevous ahead and spent a lot of time waiting around one horse towns for the rest of the folks to arrive. And when there was a misunderstanding about that gas station it was ridiculous. No one had cell phones back then in that family (and probably still don't).

justrun said...

So Moosemim = New Jersey? Who knew?! :)

She may like those Engineers, you never know. Most of them aren't going to stay in the school of Engineering anyway.

The drive through southern Wyoming on I-80 is incredibly boring. And windy. Which sort of makes it both the best and worst place to pee, if you see what I'm sayin'.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Jen, you know you would totally rock the burka look. You'd be smoking hot with an Iron Maiden back piece too.
In all seriousness, I do like the idea of paying tribute to your brother, you know that is one tattoo that you will not regret getting.
Do they have an artists' dorm at UBC? I can imagine it would be a pig's sty and the RO would fit right in there.

A strongly worded letter would not do the trick on the hotel foul up, Bubs! You'd think somebody with the ability to pee anywhere would be a little more laid back about that sort of thing.
I didn't realize you had a couple of tattoos. Have you ever posted a picture of them?

If it's somewhat straight for at least a half mile it qualifies as a certifiably straight road, Al. Congratulations on such as rare find.
Anything hugging a coast at night can be pretty daunting, can't it? Passing by Lake Superior at night during the winter is enough to encourage you to make peace with your maker.

I don't even know where to begin on what is wrong with that scenario, Wandering Coyote! From the sports radio to the gas lingering to trying to coordinate other vehicles, that is one giant clusterfuck.

The I-80 through Wyoming sounds like a place where you definitely want to have your bearings and perhaps do a wet finger to the wind test before dropping your pants, Justrun.
Funny thing about Engineers, isn't it? They're pretty uniformly hated by everyone.

Gifted Typist said...

The tat, thing - like the punk thing - passed my by.

Never got either, although I do like punk-lite in the tradition of the Clash.

Perhaps I would like water tats.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You mean instead of ink, Gifted? You can also get some nice rub-on ones, and I'm sure your kids would even let you borrow a few. Do they still make Sailor Moon ones? Because I see you as a Sailor Moon tattoo kinda girl.

glassmeow said...

Summer of 1976. All the way across Canada (starting point, Springfield, Massachusetts) to Eugene, Oregon in a Pinto station wagon loaded to the gills including roof rack with tweaker* step dad driving and refusing to let anybody spell him.

That being said, the drive from Calgary up to Banff at sunset (a bitch for the driver) was spectacular!

*Okay - it was the 70's- they were just white crosses. Tame, by today's standards.

kelly said...

I thought I wanted tattoo since i was 20-ish, but told myslef if I want them when I'm 40, I'll do it then...well 40 came and I still wanted them so here I am...tattooed.

2 years in Regina? what did you do there? I spent my first 30 there.

Driving from Calgary to Kelowna is a piece of cake...less than 8 hours I recall. You need to do the 2 hours across the island to tofino.

John Mutford said...

I've had some bad road trips, I suppose, but they felt worse at the time-- I catually remember them fondly now that I've survived. Driving through the Rockies on a February night wasn't the wisest. Getting lost in Quebec and not finding anyone that spoke English was surprising (I thought more people there were bilingual-- not that I'm one to talk). And as for worse places to pee, I'd agree with Bubs on that one.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The Spousal Unit never lets anybody spell him on road trips either, Glassmeow. Twelve hours without a break, what up, G? He makes up for it though, by never being the driver for trips within the city.

If it still felt right after 20 years of waiting, then obviously getting a tattoo was the right decision for you, Kelly. You won't be covering it up with a KISS Destroyer one, I presume?
In Regina I attended grade 2 and 3, so nothing too earth-shattering. I forgot you grew up there.

That Rockies trip was just this past winter, wasn't it, John? I remember shuddering in horror at the thought.
They speak French in Quebec? I never would have suspected.

Anonymous said...

Your daughter may do some great good for those who are in desperate need of getting in touch with their right-brain.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That could well be, Leazwell, but sadly I suspect she is not interested in saving the world, one engineer at a time.

S.M. Elliott said...

Driving across the Canadian prairies with two teenagers (the stepkids) was majorly traumatic for all four of us, the second time we did it. And the first time, when the kids were younger, wasn't much better: A blizzard stranded us at a Saskatchewan motel that had been the scene of a fatal RCMP shootout (as we found out when we got home, and saw it on page 2 of the paper...). Worse, the motel got only 4 channels and "Earth Girls are Easy" was on one of them.

And last year, the rest stops in Montana creeped me out in a big way: Cement bunkers with fake windows and lights that made it appear like daylight was coming through them, and a tinny weather forecast playing eerily on a loop. It was like one the DHARMA stations in Lost. And when I stepped out of one, I swear the guy heading towards the men's room was Karl from "Slingblade".

mischoil said...

Dorm Life, Freshman Year. :)
Ah the memories... I'm sure they'd be fantastic, if only I could remember. That's great she got in, though! I can't believe she's on her way to UBC... what a fuckin' adventure, huh?

I can't access your .pdf article for some reason but it obviously mentions tattoos, which of course are very dear to my heart. !! ink is awesome. it hurts so good.

Johnny Yen said...

Holy shit-- I felt old enough sending my oldest off to high school this last year. I've still got college a few years away. This summer, it'll be teaching him how to drive. Good luck!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I know! Crazy innit, Michelle. But now we'll have family only a couple of hours from you! hint hint
Don't know what's up with mydatabus - it seems to be down. grrr! But yes, it was about rock tattoos. You know, like that big Lynard Skynard one you have.

Johnny Yen, you can consider yourself to be a mere youngster yet.