Wednesday, June 24, 2009

crawling through a festival way out west

We're gearing up for the assault on Sled Island, here at Zombie Central. The festivities actually began last night, but sometimes minor details like final exams interfere with the execution of the ultimate plan.

There is no way, without the benefit of a K-Tel Clonomatic and possibly a Tardis, that I am going to be able to see more than a fraction of the acts I want to. It's just as well that the media accreditation which one of my editors was talking about getting for me never did materialise. For the most part, I shall be attending the festival as civilian. I am meeting up with everybody's favourite produce guy, Jon-Rae Fletcher, for a chat on the weekend, to do a follow-up to the article I wrote about him back in the winter, and naturally I'm quite excited about that.

And the weather looks like it is going to be perfect on Friday for the all afternoon/evening outdoor concert at Olympic Plaza right in the heart of downtown. It should be considerably less onerous than the skin cancer orgy which the outdoor portion of the festival morphed into last year.

Tonight, the eternally
fabulous Final Fantasy will wow us at Central United Church, preceded by some other acts (Fond of Tigers, Slim Twig) whom you have never heard of. Okay, I haven't, anyway.

If I run into this poor guy downtown, I'm definitely giving him a couple of bucks for a cup of coffee.


Allison said...

I love how Thom is randomly brought into posts. :) Although he does look mighty skinny in that photo, still cute. :)

Have a great time tonight at Final Fantasy! Its the hardest thing about festivals is coordinating the timetable. I swear organizers do it on purpose just to mess with you. Perhaps the exam timetable saved you from a bit of a migraine. ;)


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thom's looking pretty homeless these days, Al. I kinda want to send him to the spa for a haircut, shave and a hamburger.

OPalz always puts on a great show, and I am still impressed from the time we saw him at the merch table selling t-shirts for his opening act. I sure am glad his show doesn't conflict with too many other must-sees. But grrr a lot of them do!

Charlie said...

Have fun, even if you have to go as a civilian like the rest of us peasants.

Gifted Typist said...

It's much better to see these things in your civvies. Covering them takes the joy out of it. Have fun

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's off to a great start so far, Charlie! For civilians and cub reporters alike.

Oh I ended up doing the work thing, tonight, Gifted, but I'm actually quite excited about some new avenues that are presenting themselves. Sorry to sound cryptic, it's still embryonic.

bloody awful poetry said...

I hop over to your blog for the first time in yonks and the first picture I see (well, the third or fourth technically, but whatever; I need IMPACT)is that of a homeless Thom. He makes me giggle so much, that man.

And Final Fantasy! Enjoy! I'll play his albums at around the same time so it'll feel like we're there together or something.

Remi said...

I'd love to see Final Fantasy in concert. The perfect mix of incredible talent and a wonderful sense of fun (youtube his cover of Mariah Carey's Fantasy if you don't believe me).

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I could feel your presence at the concert, BAP! It's like you were sitting right next to me, with your mouth hanging open, just like all the rest of us.
Thom = major lolz

I actually had the great good fortune to see Owen perform that Mariah Carey cover at the Folk Festival a couple of years ago, Remi, and it was hilarious. You are so right about his engaging sense of fun, he really does have a great rapport with the audience.

BeckEye said...

Yes!! Return to Slut Island!!

Sean Wraight said...

You realize you are going to need a holiday at the end of all this you know? "Festivalling" can be numbing on the body. Not so much on the mind, that is actually the best part.

Just remember to enjoy yourself. Don't worry so much about "being on" all the time and writing those mental blog posts. Instead let the music take you away for a while. You will find the enjoyment is just far greater that way.

Good luck with Jon Rae as well... Just be your lovable self and I am sure he will be enraptured and spill all kinds of juicy tidbits.

Now is it just me or is Thom getting even more 'elfen'... If he keeps going he'll be baking cookies in his treehouse soon!

Have fun this weekend Barb!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

And apparently Virgin Fest is coming back here in August, too, Beckeye. It'll be the sluts vs the virgins once again this year.

I am already starting to notice the physical tolls of festivalling, Sean, due to unexpected forced marches in a poor choice of footwear.
I will try to bear your advice in mind, as I remember how that approach allowed you to enjoy the John Doe concert so. It's tough to turn the scheming mind off though, you know?
Elfen is a good (kind) descriptor for Thom these days. I just hope he eats a few of those cookies he will be baking.

Gifted Typist said...

ohhhhh, the master project, I remember this coy ref. from another post. Can't wait till all is revealed

Barbara Bruederlin said...

As is the nature of coyly referred ideas hatched whilst grooving on tunes, it may never come to fruition, Gifted, but it may very well evolve into something different. More coy references, I know.