Wednesday, May 13, 2009

poached eggs with a side of genius

I'm going out for breakfast tomorrow. I love going out for breakfast, and yet that's something I almost never do.

But even better, I'm breakfasting with the Old Emperor.

He's just arrived from Oxford to give the convocation speech to this year's class of Medicine grads and to be honoured by the U of C with an honourary Doctorate of Law degree. I knew he was only going to be here for the day and of course all the big wheels of cheese in academia are going to be demanding his time, so I was particularly touched that he arranged this meal.

That's the thing about the Old Emperor. Besides being
possibly the most brilliant person that I will ever be privileged to know, he truly cares for his people and once you are one of his tribe, you are always one of his tribe. He is my greatest mentor and I will be forever grateful to have been taken under his wing.

I wanted to give him a little gift, a goofy card and something small and silly, but not too stupid. I quickly came to the realization that one does not give a gift bag of cheap Chapter's tea to someone who pays more for their tea than most people do for their dope. I think the Worst Case Scenario Handbook (mini version) will be just the ticket. I would never forgive myself if I didn't give him this book and then something awful happened and I discovered later that he would have survived if only he had known how to fend off an alligator.


glassmeow said...

Where's the link to the book?

Allison said...

Breakfast is such a great meal to have out. I'm looking forward to brunch this weekend. I hope you have a good catch-up. That book sounds ace, too!

mister anchovy said...

Breakfast out is always a treat. Once I was travelling across the country with a friend and we stopped in a little town in Montana for breakfast. Everyone in the place but us had cowboy hats on. It was a ranchers' breakfast joint. While waiting for breakfast, this is the conversation we heard:
That guvment boy come out t'yer ranch?
Yeah he come out - like I'm gonna tell him how much explosives I keep on the ranch.
None a that peckerhead's goddamn business I say.
Can we have some more coffee over here please?

John Mutford said...

When U of C eventually and inevitably gets around to my honourary Doctorate of Law degree, I too will take you out for breakfast.

justrun said...

That sounds awesome!

Maybe go with a tie? ;)

Grumpy Old Bastard said...

Perfect gift idea for your mentor! Does he have much cause to be in the company of alligators? His Wikipedia page is quite impressive, but it doesn't mention anything about 'gators.

Must admit that my first thought on seeing that you were to breakfast with an "Old Emperor" was that you would be having brunch with either Napoleon or an aging penguin. I think I need help.


Karen's Mouth said...

No way! He's a fellow of my old college! Also, breakfast is the best meal of the day - you'll have a great time and the gift sounds perfect.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It got attacked by the same wave of inertia that felled me, Glassmeow.

There is nothing like a lovely leisurely brunch, particularly when you are away on holiday, Al.
We had a great catchup, and he was well pleased with the book.

hahaha I'll bet you felt right at home there, Mr Anchovy! I wonder if the peckerhead ever got his explosives info?

I am going to hold you to that, John. In fact, I have started browsing online menus already.

I thought you were only allowed to give ties to your dad, Justrun.

I have heard that the alligator problem in Oxford is positively rampant, GOB. I'm shocked that they failed to mention it on the wikipage. It must have been filed under the aging penguin section instead.

What a teeny tiny little world, Kees! Your old college? That place does churn out brilliance.

Charlie said...

I'm glad to hear that your breakfast went well and I'm assuming that, unlike me, you didn't make a fool of yourself by spilling anything, squirting ketchup everyplace but on your eggs, and not talking with your mouth full.

(I'm prone to monster sentences.)

Todd said...

I love breakfast - it might have to do with my slight obsession with eggs. And really, anywhere that deals with an all-day breakfast is tops in my book.

That's great that you got to have some time with an old mentor - how long ago did you two work together?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I didn't even choke on my coffee, as I have been known to do, Charlie, quite proud of myself. I once infamously choked on some grapefruit juice during one of our meetings, which just happened to be while The Nature of Things crew was there filming. Oi.

A slight obsession with eggs - I can see how that would come about, Todd. I love eggs myself, yet strangely rarely eat them. I think I am saving it all up for when I am a senior citizen.
The first time was 20 years ago and then more recently up until a couple of years ago. It's complicated.

Gifted Typist said...

He's wiki post is v. impressive. It's it a privilege to work or socialize with someone of that caliber and obvious humanity

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Well put, Gifted, it really has been a privilege. I feel honoured, frankly.